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Charlie Rose vs Steve Bannon-Journalism Wins
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:40 AM »
Clash of Brilliant Minds Charlie Rose vs Steve Bannon.The third installment on PBS (9-13-2017)showed both men worn down by each other's evenly matched arguments.
It was Greece vs Rome and a high water mark for journalism in the Trump era. Broadsword against broadsword, the bang of Armour taking the mighty blows of each exchange. A forceful , finally excited and leaning forward Rose, vs an indomitable , gesturing ,flaring jowls ,a face to face , eye to eye gunfight with Bannon champions of intellect. The weight of the world hangs, straight talk, modern man and the sub-hunter. The modern warfare of minds. Lots of metaphors but each suits a different stage of the discussion.

CORRECTION -The Rose/Bannon interviews continue to part 4 and maybe more.This segment is from part3. What is striking is that the media view is speculative and quite different from the ,man in the room Bannon. Bannon fields Rose's question like a shortstop , his answers are quick and well thought out. It also strikes me, is that the media view is from 20,000ft. and Bannon's view is  deep beneath the surface ,a sonar view. Everything looks different from under the surface and inside the room. Everything looks different looking forward into the future than looking down at the speculative present. In part 4 he says the next election will show ,populous right, vs populous left and the future game is centered around China.

Liberalism and conservatism face off in their stripped down state. The Debate, civil, nearly reckless, all wheels stay on the ground. Totally authentic and from the heart&mind of opposites. Really, really good television at its best. Both surprisingly reformers. The tone stays even as faces get redder and redder, level playing field established,mind against mind. The volume ,even and measured, that pace of the final round of the three part interview, heavyweight.

When one sees an opening , a flaw ,a weakness , a flurry of punches,the other effectively counter punching ,there is no knockout. The score is even in this relentless,bloodless exchange of  hard Rights and Lefts. Respect,finally, journalism gets a win.

If Bannon's Trump wins by “punching out”key election promises over time, and if the world doesn't blow up, and the Civil War doesn't resume,the Western democracies will be turned on it's head. If journalism continues as it is,it will collapse. It will collapse because it took sides and was wrong . It fails because it cannot measure the crowd beyond Twitter. It fails because of  it's core dislike for a personality. The personality is the distraction. Mainstream journalism is failing. It failed to see democracies biggest truth  realized. If Democracy ,that being the people, feel betrayed, their vote, once every four years will shift with prevailing fears as well as their aspirations.

Bannon concedes making enemies , small wars, war with Islam is futile and cannot be won.

Let Islam be the war on  Russia's doorstep they can fight. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti

Adding one thing, a question not asked.Why does Steve Bannon wear two shirts? Anyway, a transcript won't do, the show has to be seen, all three segments are smart and revealing.

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