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This could be either a single post or a series of posts about an interesting photo assignment, your current activities or even your photography career. If it’s a series of posts, it would ideally run daily for a few consecutive days.

Please submit to with the following requirements:

  • You don’t need to be an NPAC member. If you know a photographer or editor who might make for an interesting article, please let us know!
  • You can write about your current activities or project, or talk about your career in general. Don’t be shy or modest.
  • A series of posts can be written on a day-to-day basis or they can be done ahead of time and submitted all at once. Please give each individual post an appropriate title.
  • Photo captions are mandatory.
  • All images should be submitted at 900px wide.
  • Name your photos in the order they should appear (e.g. jsmith_day1_01.jpg, jsmith_day1_02.jpg).

If you’re interested in submitting an article, please first send a brief summary and the link to your web site for review.

We welcome your multi-image and multimedia submissions, published or unpublished, on any topic, story or news event. It can even be a personal project that you’re working on or have just completed.

Please submit to with the following requirements:

  • You do not need to be an NPAC member to submit a photo essay or multimedia.
  • Include a short synopsis of your story.
  • Captions are strongly encouraged. An essay can work without captions but this is not the norm.
  • All still images should be submitted at 900px wide.
  • Send the edit that best represents your story. We do not re-edit the pictures.
  • Name your files in the order they should appear (e.g. jsmith01.jpg, jsmith02.jpg, etc).
  • Include a brief bio and the link to your web site(s) in your submission.
  • For video and other multimedia, send a link to the work and include a brief bio of yourself.

This is a brief interview with photographers, visual journalists, editors and others who work in the industry.

  • You must be an NPAC member or be invited to take part. NPAC members include some of the most amazing photographers in the country so please don’t be too modest about your work – ask to be interviewed!
  • The interview will be done via a small number of e-mailed questions.
  • You will be required to submit three to six images at 900px wide.
  • Photo captions are mandatory.

Suggestions and general comments about the content on this site can be sent to