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Cable News Dream Show
« on: August 04, 2017, 09:37 AM »
I've been having this dream that God comes down to earth to lay down the law.
Now Christians, Muslims and Jews believe in one God  so I guess it is safe to say there is one God and most religions believe in the same one. I am no religious scholar. God is pretty P/ed off about this whole Trump , Putin thing and wants to straighten it all out. And for no other reason but to just shut CNN up  until there is real hard news.

God All Mighty is on FOX and is giving real short answers. His  Son is on CNN and they have the whole panel , at least a hundred experts , 80 Democrats, 10 Republicans the rest infants as He has requested. The Holy Ghost is doing morning shows. The Prophet Mohammad has the BBC.
Everything spoken is now going all Old Testament, things look bad.
All the offending politicians quit and the world is great again. A miracle.
Dream,opinion by Ken Gigliotti

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