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Forum Rules
« on: September 08, 2010, 03:51 AM »
What's a forum without rules?

Not only is it like a day without sunshine, it's also the end of civilization as we know it.

Just as photography has rules such as...

• The biggest sensor wins.

• It rains only when you have an outdoor shoot.

• Never buy photo equipment based only on reading the brochure.

• Your pictures will never look as good as those in the brochure.

• The other photographer is always in the better position.

• The focal length of a lens is inversely proportional to the health of your neck, back, and bank account.

• The number of red traffic lights is inversely proportional to the amount of time you have to get there.

• There's never a parking spot right in front, unless you've already parked two blocks away.

• Camera equipment expands to fill available trunk space.

...this forum also has rules, including:

1) To maintain the appearance of a professional photographer, please wear your photovest at all times while posting.

2) This is a non-smoking forum. If you have to smoke, (and assuming you're not on fire), please stay back at least three metres from the keyboard.

3) Please limit the contents of each post to subject matter related to photojournalism, photography, videography, the business of photography, photojournalism or journalism programs, or any similar topics that will interest other members. Members include professional and student photo/video journalists, and photo/video editors.

4) All posts are subject to the discretion of the moderators. Moderators may delete or lock any posts or threads as they see fit without prior notice. Continued inappropriate postings may result in a member losing their forum privileges or having their NPAC membership revoked. In such cases, membership fees will not be refunded.

5) No personal attacks or name calling. Be professional, civil, and respectful of each other and of NPAC.

     If we're sitting around a table, then the conversation can flow anyway we want. But in a public forum that represents this national organization, table manners are important.

    Remember that often it's not so much what you say but rather how you say it. There's nothing wrong with discussing controversial subjects or with being critical. After all, we can learn by listening to opposing views and ideas.

    But there's no room for insulting, demeaning or antagonizing comments. Such behaviour reflects poorly not only on the author but also on this organization. It is possible to disagree with a post and still be polite in your rebuttal. A wise fortune cookie once said, "Constructive thoughts are always better than destructive naughts".

6) An avatar or a signature at the bottom of a post may not contain any third-party advertising. It may contain information about the member or links to his/her web site(s) or project(s).

7) Copyright:  Content on this web site is not intended for redistribution, reuse or reproduction outside of this site. All posts and all other content are copyrighted by their respective author.

8 ) No outside food: Respect the copyrights of others. Do not post content from other sources unless you have specific permission to do so. A member may quote some text from another source and provide a link, but they may not copy-and-paste entire articles. Do not post, or hotlink to, a third-party image unless you have specific permission to do so. Instead, provide a link to that image, (hey, that's why they invented the Web).

    Exceptions are: (i) Press releases are assumed to be available for reposting.
                            (ii) Content produced by your own newspaper/wire service.
                           (iii) Videos and images which provide embed codes.

9) Members may not post anything that's unlawful, obscene, pornographic, indecent, libellous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or overly embarrassing to another person or entity.

    However, you are welcome to embarrass or otherwise make a fool of yourself. But do it too often and people may think that you're a couple of f-stops short of a good exposure.

10) A sense of humour and knowing when not to post a response can come in handy.

11) Keep thread-hijacking to a minimum. Feel free to start a new thread anytime. Please start new threads in the proper forum. There's usually no need to repeat the same thread in multiple forums.

12) Try to clean up after yourself. Proper spelling and reasonable grammar do count. Yes, it may require that you type slowly with only two fingers but readers will appreciate the effort.

13) Never judge a photographer by their pictures.

14) A friend of mine owns a franchise of a well-known doughnut chain. She says: (i) never eat any of the products that have maraschino cherries, and (ii) the basic plain doughnut, which looks relatively healthy enough to eat, has the highest amount of fat.

15) Life is like a photograph. It all depends on how you frame it.

While many of us compete with each other in day-to-day assignments, that's where it starts and ends. We compete only on the picture and not on sharing information or discussing issues that affect us all. 

Competing with other photographers is not a zero-sum game. This is especially important to remember if you're a freelancer. Your competition is not the other photographer. Your competition is no photographer at all. (Actually, your true competition is with yourself but that's a psychology lesson for another day).

They say that a rising tide floats all boats. Helping or sharing with others really does help yourself.

Happy posting.

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