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Rules for Posting Classified Ads
« on: October 19, 2007, 05:48 PM »
By placing an item in the "Swap Shop" section of this website, the seller is agreeing to offer to sell that item. NPAC acts as a facilitator and on-line venue only for the listing of an item by the seller, and introducing sellers to buyers.

NPAC is not a party in any contract for the sale of any item. The sale of any item is a matter solely between the seller and the buyer.

NPAC makes no warranty whatsoever regarding any item sold, purchased or obtained through this website.

All sellers offering an item for sale must be legally entitled to sell that item and the item must be accurately described.

NPAC has no control over, nor any responsibility for, the quality, safety or legality of any item which appears in the Swap Shop, the ability of any seller to sell the item, or the capability of any buyer to pay for the item.

NPAC cannot guarantee that any item posted will be purchased, and reserves the right to withdraw this service at any time without giving reason. NPAC also reserves the right to remove, without any prior notice, any listing that it deems to be unsuitable for this website.

NPAC offers this service on the basis that sellers and buyers comply with these terms and they act in good faith and in a reasonable manner.

NPAC is not responsible for any sale that is not made due to any technical difficulties in the operation of this website.


Please keep your thread up-to-date. Once you sell an item or find the item you were looking to buy, please update at least your thread title with a "Sold", "Found", or even "Delete this post" (or similar words). This will be of help to other readers.

"Sold" and "Found" threads will be deleted. Threads marked "Delete this" (or similar) will also be removed.

Threads older than one year (or so) will also be deleted. If, after a year, your items haven't sold or you haven't found what you're looking for, then feel free to either re-list the items or give up.   :D

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