Professional Membership




This is a one-year professional membership to the News Photographers Association of Canada and it’s intended for:

(i) Photojournalists, press photographers, documentary photographers and photo editors living and working in Canada.
(ii) Canadian photojournalists, press photographers, documentary photographers and photo editors working abroad. (If you’re outside of North America, please contact us first with regard to payment. We currently accept credit cards only from Canada and the USA but will make special arrangements for you.)

The fee is for one year and it does *not* renew automatically.

** If this is your first NPAC membership application, please include a link to your web site on the Checkout page in the “Additional Information” section. We would like to know who you are! Your portfolio will be reviewed to ensure you fit this category. If your membership is not accepted, your credit card will be refunded.



By becoming an NPAC member, you acknowledge and agree that:

• NPAC may use your email address to contact you. NPAC may also send a few bulk emails per year. You can unsubscribe from these bulk emails either by contacting NPAC or by using the “unsubscribe” link in a bulk email.

• NPAC may keep your home or office address on file so that you can be sent printed material such as NPAC’s annual “Pictures of the Year” book or any other newsletters.

• With each forum post you make, your IP address is recorded. In the event of a major violation of forum rules, you can be banned from this forum or your ISP contacted. Major violation may also cause your membership to be revoked.

• The forum software places a cookie, (a text file containing bits of information such as your username and password), in your web browser’s cache. This is only used to keep you logged in. The software does not collect or send any other information.