2016 NPOY Multimedia Finalists

2016 NPOY Single Multimedia – Sponsored by the Vistek
(Listed in alphabetical order of title)


Abandoned at Birth
 David Zelikovitz / Chatelaine

Video and story here.

Janet Keall was one of three babies mysteriously left on doorsteps in Prince Rupert in the late ’70s. Finally after decades of searching, Janet learns the truth about her birth mother.


Boxer Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford
 Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal

Former MMA champion Ryan Ford has switched to boxing, following his father’s footsteps. Full story here.


The Other Residential School Runaways
 Nick Iwanyshyn / Maclean’s

Two boys escaping a residential school followed tragically in the footsteps of Chanie Wenjack. Their story was forgotten. Until now. Full story here.




2016 NPOY Team Multimedia – Sponsored by Thomson Reuters
(Listed in alphabetical order of title)


The Last Mambabatok
 Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Brent Foster / Foster Visuals
 Cinematography: Pawel Dwulit / Independent
 Cinematography: Preston Kanak / Independent
 Producer: Tammy Foster / Foster Visuals
 Title Sequences: Alon Isocianu

Apo Whang-Od is considered the world’s last Mambabatok (hand-tap tattoo artist) from her generation. At the estimated age of 99, she is now passing the tattooing tradition to a new generation in her tribe including her grand-niece Grace.

The tradition of this style of tattoo started as a symbol of pride for warriors and a marking of beauty for females in the Butbut tribe and has now taken a unique turn in their village, Kalinga, situated remotely in the mountains of the Luzon province in The Philippines.


Mission of Mercy: Toronto surgeons treat burn victims on remote Bangladesh island
 Videographer: Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star
 Editor: Kelsey Wilson / Toronto Star
 Reporter: Marina Jimenez / Toronto Star

Video and story here.

The Chars are shifting river islands in northern Bangladesh subject to annual flooding and erosion. There are no government hospitals on the Chars and many rely on the medical care from Friendship, one of Bangladesh’s largest charities which runs a floating hospital that docks for weeks at a time along the Brahmaputra and Jamuna Rivers. This video shadows a unique medical mission to this remote part of the world for women and children with burn injuries, led by dynamic Canadian plastic surgeon, Dr. Toni Zhong.


The Real Faces of ISIS
 Videographer: Peter Bregg / for Maclean’s
 Reporter: Sally Armstrong / Maclean’s
 Producer: Liz Sullivan / Maclean’s
 Editor: Liam Maloney / for Maclean’s

Video and story here.

ISIS prisoners at the Adult Reform Directorate in Duhok, Iraq, July 27, 2016, in a prison in northern Iraq, where captured ISIS soldiers discussed their crimes and what drove them to their murderous ideology.


Trumpland: Luzerne County
 Filmed by Jake Naughton / for The Globe and Mail
 Edited by Melissa Tait / The Globe and Mail
 Reporting by Joanna Slater / The Globe and Mail
 Produced by Rachel Wine / The Globe and Mail
 Map by Trish McAlister / The Globe and Mail

Video and story here.

Before Donald Trump clinched the nomination at the GOP convention, the largest majority of Republican voters for the non-traditional candidate was in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. It was here that Trump captured the highest proportion of the vote – 77.4 per cent – of any county in America. Pollsters had thought this traditionally democratic area might swing Republican on a wave of Trump support. But why now?



The list of all 2016 NPOY nominees.



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