2016 General Meeting

The 2016 Annual General Meeting was held on April 23, 2016, at the Bond Place Hotel in Toronto.

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Call To Order

• As quorum was achieved, President Amber Bracken called the annual general meeting to order.

Adoption of Agenda

• Kevin Hill motioned to accept the agenda and was seconded by Ali Pearson. Motion passed.

Adoption of Previous Minutes

• Ryan Jackson motioned to accept the adoption of the previous minutes from May 9, 2015. Seconded by Graeme Roy. Motioned passed.

Business Arising from Previous Minutes

• No business arose from the previous minutes.

Financial Reports

• Financial reports were delivered by Amber Bracken. The financials were accepted and adopted by Ric Ernst and seconded by Kittie Wong. The financial report for 2015 is posted below.

New Business

• Questions arose regarding the NPOY’s Student Photographer of the Year and whether it should continue to be necessary to include sports images as part of the portfolio submission. Discussion ensued and it will be determined for next year’s NPOY.

• A request was put forward as to whether NPAC members could receive a membership card to prove their identity (i.e. their membership in NPAC). It was acknowledged that this topic has been raised in the past however no conclusion has ever been determined. This is due to: (i) the complexity of the ethics involved, and (ii) the question of what a membership card would/should actually represent.

It was announced that a mockup of a membership card has been produced but further discussion will be required to ensure that proper use can be upheld.

Election of Executives

• As was determined at the previous AGM of May 9, 2015, the Executive had agreed to hold a two-year term of office. As such, no elections were held this year. The NPAC Executives are:

• Amber Bracken, President
• Ben Nelms, Vice-President
• Gio Ciampini, Secretary
• Jason Payne, Treasurer
• Ali Ledgerwood, Executive Director

Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

• The next meeting date and location are to be determined. Adjournment was motioned and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned.

Signed: Amber Bracken, President

Dated: April 23, 2016
Financial report (PDF 7.5MB) for the year ending January 31, 2016.


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