2014 National Pictures of the Year Nominees



This is a time of incredible consequence and the extraordinary images captured by Canada’s photojournalists continue to elevate the quality of our news coverage and uphold the level of public trust placed in the men and women who reflect our complex world through the lens of a camera. Relying on their years of experience and training, today’s photojournalists are using the power of photography to tell fuller, richer stories about our communities and the people within them.

It is in that spirit that the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) is pleased to recognize the excellence represented in submissions from 122 of Canada’s outstanding photojournalists. Today, NPAC announces the nominations in the eighth annual National Pictures of the Year (NPOY) awards competition.

More than 2,000 images from across Canada were entered in this year’s competition, representing a spectacular body of work. Images were submitted and judged in 14 different categories, including Canadian Photojournalist of the Year and Canadian Photograph of the Year.

The winners will be announced during the NPAC’s National Pictures of the Year Gala event which will take place May 9th, 2015, in Vancouver.

The 2014 Canadian Photojournalist of the Year and 2014 Canadian Photograph of the Year will each be awarded a $2000.00 top prize. These are sponsored by The Canadian Press and The Globe and Mail, respectively.

Other category winners will be awarded $500.00 for First Place, $200.00 for Second Place and $100.00 for Third Place. NPOY and category sponsor Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) are pleased to award a prize of $1000.00 to the top portfolio of images by a student. Students wishing to enter can do so until April 15th at www.npac.ca.

About the National Pictures Of The Year Awards:

The National Pictures Of The Year awards competition was created by NPAC to recognize excellence in Canadian photojournalism. NPAC is a volunteer-run, non-profit association comprised of professional and student photojournalists in Canada. NPAC champions quality and ethical photography in journalism.




(Nominees listed in alphabetical order)


Photojournalist of the Year Finalists – sponsored by The Canadian Press

Tyler Anderson / National Post
Mark Blinch / Reuters
Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press
Michelle Siu / Independent
Tim Smith / Brandon Sun

View the nominated portfolios.


Photograph of the Year – sponsored by The Globe and Mail
To be announced at the 2014 National Pictures of the Year Awards Gala on May 9, 2015, in Vancouver.


Student Photographer of the Year – sponsored by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Giovanni Capriotti / Loyalist College
Andrew C. Johnson / Loyalist College
Annie Sakkab / Loyalist College

View the nominated student portfolios.


General News (122 entries) – sponsored by the CNW Group

Mark Blinch / Reuters – RCMP Pallbearers
Mark Blinch / Reuters – Mayor Ford Arrival
Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press – Dr. Qamar Funeral
Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press – Cirillo Highway Tribute
Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press – Kathy Cirillo at funeral


Spot News (36 entries) – sponsored by The Camera Store

Cole Burston / The Globe and Mail – Running Cop
Wayne Cuddington / Ottawa Citizen – Fallen Soldier
Jennifer Gautier / Metro – Oppenheimer Park
Jenna Hauck / Chilliwack Progress – Auto Crash
John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail – Pipeline Protest


Feature (153 entries) – sponsored by the Winnipeg Free Press

Andy Clark / Independent – Rainblossom Project
Johnathan Hayward / The Canadian Press – Chris Hadfield Airplane
Marta Iwanek / Toronto Star – Boys Playing Streamside
Peter Power / Independent – Innu Swing
Andrew Vaughan / The Canadian Press – Trudeau Punch


Sports Action (100 entries) – sponsored by Nikon

Mathieu Belanger / Independent – Synchronized Swimmer
Mark Blinch / Reuters – Sweden Goal
Nathan Denette / The Canadian Press – Tennis Leap
Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen – Toews Wrap Around
Larry Wong / Edmonton Journal – Lacrosse Leap


Sports Feature (99 entries) – sponsored by Reuters

Bernard Brault / LaPresse – Goalie and Bat
Wayne Cuddington / Ottawa Citizen – Team Photo
Ed Kaiser / Edmonton Journal – Snowboard Cross Jubilation
Vaughn Ridley / Getty Images – Hockey Tutus
Derek Ruttan / London Free Press – Hockey Popeye


Social Issues (72 entries) – sponsored by ONA

Ruth Bonneville / Winnipeg Free Press – Coffin Hug
Michelle Siu / Independent – Teen Mom
Tim Smith / Brandon Sun – Cheryl Mauthe PreOp
Kevin Van Paassen / The Globe and Mail – Kim Teske
Chris Young / The Canadian Press – Homeless Palliative Care


Portrait/Personality (172 entries) – sponsored by Beau Photo

Wendell Phillips / Independent – Debbie
Michelle Siu / Independent – Smoking Boy
Michelle Siu / Independent – Teenage Parents
Michelle Siu / Independent – Farmer Charles Bradley
Michelle Siu / Independent – Bernadette Bainbridge


Pictorial (137 entries) – sponsored by Canon

Joe Bryksa / Winnipeg Free Press – Winter Tree
Darren Calabrese / National Post – Steam Grate
Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press – Fog and Boat
Daniel Hayduk / AFP – Construction Worker
Sean Kilpatrick / The Canadian Press – West Block Tower


Picture Story (47 entries) – sponsored by Leica

Tyler Anderson / National Post – Trapper William Tozer
Michelle Siu / Independent – The Cost of Giving Life – Guatemalan Teen Moms
Michelle Siu / Independent – The Last Farmer – Charles Bradley
Tim Smith / Brandon Sun – Cancer Patient Cheryl Mauthe
Kevin Van Paassen / The Globe and Mail – Kim’s Choice

View the nominated picture stories.


Single Multimedia (23 entries) – sponsored by Sony

Marta Iwanek / Toronto Star – Chiara
Guillaume Nolet / Independent – Most Of Us
Annie Sakkab / Independent – Hearts of Feather
Annie Sakkab / Independent – To Be A Boy
Melissa Tait / Winnipeg Free Press – 104-Year-Old Swimmer


Team Multimedia (23 entries) – sponsored by Vistek

The Beacon of Hope – Carla Antonio, Amanda Cheung, Dillan Cools, Maggie Naylor, Thomas Surian / Loyalist College Photojournalism 2nd Year
The Black Nightmare – Ryan Jackson,Sam Brooks, Otiena Ellwand, Cailyn Klingbeil, Topher Sequin / Edmonton Journal
Digging for Dinosaurs – Todd Korol, Melissa Renwick / Toronto Star
Laughter from Pain – Jimmy Jeong, Tiffany Brown Olsen / USA Today
The San Diego Highway Man – Brent Foster, Tammy Foster, Gerald Mabee / Foster Visuals

View all the nominated multimedia.


West Clip Contest – sponsored by Epson
Winner – Darryl Dyck


East Clip Contest – sponsored by Loyalist College
Winner – Mark Blinch



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  • Derek Ruttan

    Um, perhaps someone should hire Michelle Siu. Congrats and good luck to all the nominees!

  • Frank R. Bartolotta

    Congratulations to my godchild, Carla Antonio. She does beautiful work.

  • Joyce

    Great job Carla and classmates So proud of you,

  • Canada’s talent in photojournalism is alive and well. The quality of image and story telling is astounding. Thank you to all contributors! Wonderful work all

    Rene Johnston /Toronto Star

  • Michelle Stacey

    Congratulations to all photography participants in the 8th National Picture of the Year Award. The judging took 11 and a half hours and I sat through all 5 and a quarter hours that were produced for the live view show. Wow..powerful imagery and compelling stories. Although, I was not a photography participant, I have definitely learned many lessons from the judging.

    It took so many people to make this happen. I am grateful that I could view it all and to see what makes an image stand out. Thank you to the volunteers, the newspapers, schools and businesses that helped make this a successful year.

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