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This image of a young girl who loved to dance was to accompany a Toronto Star story about a single mother’s struggle to make ends meet. On the day the photo was published, a reader contacted (then) Toronto Star photographer Andrew Stawicki and donated money to cover a year’s worth of dance lessons for the girl. (Photo Andrew Stawicki / Toronto Star)


A photograph can tickle a smile, unleash heartfelt tears, incite anger and protest, or create hope by inspiring change. A change in law, a change in social convention, a change in perception, a change in action.

Picture Change is PhotoSensitive’s latest project.

This new exhibit, with a planned launch of Fall 2013, will feature one black-and-white photo from each of a number of Canada’s top photographers. Together, these pictures will highlight the power of photography and its ability to create positive change.

More information on this and other projects is available on the PhotoSensitive web site.


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