How I Got the Photo – Jean Levac

2016 NPOY SPORTS FEATURE, Finalist – Canadian sprinter Andre de Grasse (L) and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt tease each other after running in the men’s 200m semifinal at the Rio 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, August 17, 2016. (Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen)

I’m lucky to have been in Beijing and London for Bolt’s gold medals. I never thought that Rio would give us a bromance with a Canadian!

Track is always a tough assignment.  Days are long and usually one needs to start very early to get the best shooting position.  In Rio, thanks to the organizers, the days were much smoother.  We would show up quite early to set up remotes. Fellow photographer Nick Didlick was key to helping the Canadian photographers.

Bolt and De Grasse gave us quite the show in the 200m and 100m heats and final runs. It doesn’t happen often that a relationship like theirs develops in front of an international audience, it was a real treat to capture their bromance memories!


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