How I got the photo – Annie Sakkab

2015 NPOY FEATURE, First Place – Sixteen-year-old Karli Martin (left), a Markham Mennonite, and her 15-year-old-sister Kayla enjoy having their hair down in the garden outside their home in Mapleton Township, Ontario, July 25, 2015. Teenage girls within the conservative Mennonite communities start to wear their hair up with a prayer veiling or covering at the age of 15. Typically at the age of 16 or 17, they choose between getting baptized and joining the church or leaving to pursue other lifestyle choices. Most women choose to stay and have a family. (Annie Sakkab)

I was hanging out with the sisters’ family all day for a story I was working on. It was my second day at their house. Around 3 pm, I told the mother I would be out sitting in the front garden to watch horses and carriages go by.
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How I got the Photo – Martin Tremblay

NPOY 2015 PORTRAIT / PERSONALITY, Second Place – Is this the end of religion in Quebec? Priest Patrick Gnivo, from the Congo, will celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation in a church that will be almost empty, in Saint- Anne-des -Monts, Gaspé, Quebec, March 25, 2015. The number of Catholics continue to decline. Quebec priests are scarce. (Martin Tremblay / La Presse)
Est-ce la fin de la religion au Québec ? Le nombre de pratiquants ne cesse de décliner. Les prêtres québécois sont rares. Les diocèses doivent demander l’aide d’étrangers à la rescousse. Venu du Congo, le prêtre Patrick Gnivo s’apprête à célébrer le jour de l’Annonciation dans l’église, presque vide ce jour-là, de Saint-Anne-des-Monts en Gaspésie. (Martin Tremblay / La Presse)


It was not planned. I was on assignment in Gaspésie, a remote region of Quebec to document the migration of the population to urban centres.
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How I Got the Photo – Ivanoh Demers

2015 NPOY GENERAL NEWS, Second Place – At his second murder trial at the palais de justice in Saint-Jérome, Quebec, Guy Turcotte (left) looks through the glass just before entering the courtroom with his lawyers. The jury did not believe he was suffering from temporary insanity. Turcotte, 43, was charged and later convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for stabbing his two children to death in 2009. (Ivanoh Demers / La Presse)

When I arrived at the courthouse in St-Jérome, Québec, the media section was already packed. In Quebec, photographers are allowed to take pictures only within designated areas. Guy Turcotte was in a small cubicle with his family and lawyers. Unfortunately, the room was about 100 feet away. I decided to switch to a longer lens by adding an 1.4X converter to my 70-200mm, giving me a focal length of around 300mm.
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How I Got The Photo – Don Denton

2015 NPOY SPOT NEWS, Third Place – A paramedic stands by as a Saanich police officer talks to the driver of a car that ended up resting on its nose after a motor vehicle accident along the Pat Bay Highway in Saanich, British Columbia, December 10, 2015. The car was somehow driven from a parking lot above and over the embankment. (Don Denton / Victoria News)

The beauty of our career is that photographs can happen anywhere at anytime, which is why we always have to be on our game.
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