How I Got the Photo – Lars Hagberg

2016 NPOY FEATURE, Finalist – Luke Carter, 7 years old, waves to Spiderman, Iron Man and Batman as the ‘super heroes’ clean windows at Kingston General Hospital in Kingston, Ontario, August 2, 2016. (Lars Hagberg / The Canadian Press)

First, I was only going to cover the story from outside the hospital but we managed to get permission from a Kingston General Hospital public relations person to go inside. She took us up to the paediatric floor where we had to wait until several kids arrived in the common room.

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How I Got the Photo – Peter Bregg

2016 NPOY PORTRAIT / PERSONALITY, Finalist – Zanib, who escaped three times from ISIS, at the Yazidi refugee camp Khanke outside Duhok, Iraq, July 26, 2016. Zanib did not give her last name or want her face visible because female relatives are still captive. She is one of the 2,600 girls and women who have escaped; 3,200 others are still missing after being kidnapped during the August 3, 2014, attack by ISIS. (Peter Bregg / Maclean’s)

I used a Nikkor 24-70mm zoom on this shoot.  ISO: 400   Aperture: 2.8  Shutter: 1/60

Zanib happened to pass by this spot where she is shown and I found the light perfect for the mood I was hoping to illustrate. I took the shot and showed it to her to prove her face was not visible. I then asked her to stand still to make a sharper image.

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How I Got the Photo – Jonathan Hayward

2016 NPOY GENERAL NEWS, Finalist – A fire burns to melt the ground so a grave can be dug at the cemetery in La Loche, Saskatchewan, January 25, 2016. The graves are being prepared for some of the victims of the shooting on January 22 where a seventeen-year-old boy allegedly shot and killed four people. (Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press)

When news broke that there was a shooting at a school in La Loche, northern Saskatchewan, I knew that I had to get there asap. The picture desk in Toronto got our Winnipeg stringer on the road right away knowing that I was at least a day or more away from getting to the isolated town.

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How I Got the Photo – Darren Calabrese

2016 NPOY PICTURE STORY FEATURE, Finalist – CrossFit athlete Lindsay Hilton. (Darren Calabrese)

The project with Lindsay Hilton began after I had seen a local story about one of her workout videos going viral. That story was a straightforward news item, but I was interested in learning more about her as a person rather than just an athlete. Also, I was keeping an eye out for something to work on that would keep me in/near Halifax as my wife and I were expecting the birth of our second child.

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How I Got the Photo – Edouard Plante-Fréchette (picture story)

2016 NPOY PICTURE STORY NEWS, Finalist – Account from the combat in Mosul, Iraq, against the Islamic State. In October 2016, the Iraqi Army began a campaign to reclaim the city in control by the Islamic State since June 2014. (Edouard Plante-Fréchette / La Presse)

In 2014, the Islamic State took control of a large territory in Syria and Iraq, killing thousands in the process. The Iraqi Army completely failed to organize a cohesive resistance and key cities like Ramadi, Fallujah and Mosul were swiftly subjugated. An international coalition was eventually formed to give aid and support the Iraqis and Kurdish in their fight against this singular terrorist organization.

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