The “Fame Us” Party

By Jason Payne/

Colonel Sanders was there. So was Bono. Tina Turner and Robert De Niro flew in from New Jersey. They all cheerfully posed for pictures with many of the hundred or so friends, family and colleagues on hand for the launch of Vancouver photographer Brian Howell’s new book Fame Us. Despite some of the biggest names in celebrity stardom being at Snap Contemporary Art, there was no red carpet, no paparazzi.


The cover of Brian Howell’s new book which he launched last week.

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Photographer’s Q&A – Peter Power

This week’s Q&A is with Peter Power, staff photographer at The Globe and Mail in Toronto.





What were your first steps in the industry?

I stepped into this industry almost by accident. After five years of electrical engineering, and leaving following a failed course, I headed to Belleville to live with a relative for awhile.

I was visiting Loyalist College to enroll in a French night school course to keep up my level of bilingualism, when I spotted a large poster on the front door bragging about “Photojournalism. Only at Loyalist College.”

The poster was a group project by the first-ever class of students in the brand new Photojournalism program, and it certainly grabbed my attention. I spoke briefly with John Peterson who gave me the news that the program was full. But as luck would have it, a student dropped out of the program at the last moment and I got the vacant spot.

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Photographer’s Q&A – Roger Lemoyne

The first in the Photographers Q&A series is Roger Lemoyne. His web site is


Roger Lemoyne graduated from Concordia University in Montreal with a degree in cinema production. He worked in film and music for several years before taking up photography full time. His work in photojournalism began with coverage of the crisis in the Horn of Africa in 1991 (Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan). He has worked primarily on international issues since then and has photographed in over fifty countries worldwide. He joined Gamma-Liaison in 1995. Based in Montreal, Canada, Lemoyne is represented by Redux Pictures and his news pictures prior to 2003 are distributed by Getty Images.

He is the recipient of numerous awards, including Pictures of the Year, World Press Photo, The Alexia Grant, a CALQ grant, Art Directors Club of New York, Ernst Haas Golden Light Award, Communication Arts Photography Annual, and the CEBA grand prize.


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