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Did Trump Save Journalism
« on: January 29, 2018, 02:29 PM »
Did Trump Save Journalism? After one year on the job the shock has not worn off, but things seem a bit different. The idea of the Trump presidency causing a weakened journalism to stand and take a good look at itself in the mirror still stands. Last years assessment (these pages Jan.16 2017 titled Unprecedented  Trump ,Sinatra,and Cronkites Ghost) ,stands up pretty well.

Trumps is still an American original, speaking in headlines, with swagger and attitude, left brain and right brain , not even talking. He is still the Golden Goose , TV ratings up and so is circulation. Newspapers are still standing and producing their best journalism as well as standing on the cusp of a multi-sided social revolution.

The journalism was always good with the accusation of being left wing biased. It always beat down anyone who attached it. The political axiom was ,do not take on the media, the few that did were crushed. If anyone is to be blamed for right wing media organizations it is mainstream media that leaned left. This could have been another of Newtons Laws.

In Canada it showed during last election. A year later the media landscape here looks very different.

The band-aids have been ripped off and news media is better for it. Facebook looks a lot different also, as it was the orginator of paid ads that somehow became FAKE NEWS.

The pre-Trump journalism that became the gate keeper of  decades of layered created language for self protection ,it took the magic  high road of future gains and that time line settled at ten years, a mark that always moved. Voters with one vote each, four years a part called them on it.

 In 2018 ,media outlets recently used the word Sh!t in headlines and in copy. What a difference a year makes. Long standing bluffs are being called all over the world.

Anyone who ever sat in a newspaper lunchroom with an advertising salesperson knows how different parts of the journalism business do not seem to be synchronized.
A reporter would say people buy the paper for the journalism, and ad salesperson would say people bought it for the advertising. It is good they both think the way they do.

The ad salesperson will also say ads pay the bills. The reporter says the public buys the paper for the content and that attracts ads. As it goes, too many ads drive away viewership or readers,not enough ads closes the doors.

Circular arguments would be a thing in this future with opposing sides seemingly coming together as the discussion deepens on climate change ,tax cuts, deregulation, health care and immigration. The middle disappears as far right and far left meet where the circle is completed. To the weary it even looks like progress, time will tell.
The world got tougher, except it was always tough. Canada was forced to grow one testicle on trade and having one customer.

 Trumps accusations on journalism caused it to get stronger and readers and watchers of news took notice.

Facebook and WikiTribune are looking for a news product and Canadian newspapers are looking for government help. It is clear neither has any experience in these areas. It is like having the Advertising manager become publisher. A smart move would be join forces to create unbiased news content. The big internet companies cannot succeed because the anti trust agencies are looking at the whole internet business plan in a different way. A more critical way. There too many billionaire involved in politics and news media already. 

Trump the Disrupter and Chief has caused good people to stand up and not hide behind all the things they always hid behind before. Thanks Donald. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti