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I am adding  to the top of this very exciting argument.

With everyday comes  a new controversy from the White House. My fascination is with the ideas , influence and their circular nature. The uproar comes from the pigeon holing of terminology. The many controversial issues expressed is a conflagration of the expression of individual fears and the empowerment to express them.

Word or expression used is the wild card that puts traditional power to the test by rebel populism that has traditionally failed them. The result is a circular argument, that in the end puts the both on the same side.

Democracy is traditional populism through elections that free people grew up understanding. Fifty percent pus one wins. This populism has been turned into a dog whistle word the majority of people do not understand nor accept.

This conflagration of ignored disputes with voters is causing a rebellion against media and government power structures that have for  three decades overplayed to their fears.

Donald Trump,good or bad  is the band-aide ripper, and the pain is quick and dissipates quickly as fore and against find themselves on the same side. The status qua is not an option for the downsized majority ,Black Lives Matter, Idle NO More,Metoo, poverty groups, first Nations water, security,self government, pensions and workers want the stock market to go up to save their pension funds from collapsing and  parents that just want jobs for their kids out of high school and college. Government has not been working for them. In Canada the government is playing to it's base but is never accused,it results in being unable to secure trade deals that would improve lives for all Canadians. Soft wood lumber and wood grained products should be an easy sale to China. China is buidling, wood grain is a selling feature for the bland living structures they creating.They are building entire cities.

The United States and Canada through very different approaches are forced to look at themselves in the mirror and they do not like what they see. Ignoring the issues is no longer an option. I think this is good. The climate, the economy, consumption, the transfer of our waste and pollution to second world countries, pensions and employment and the engagement in hot wars are all linked.
What  appears to “poverty of language” by the White House is the trap that entangles mainstream media into a hair- on-fire reaction ,when clarified and reaching consensus  makes media look “fake”. The “poverty of language” is understood  by the base and others but cannot be official acknowledged so it defaults to racism.

The “poverty of language” is a media trap.

It has been noted that the language of the White House is confusing but when it speaks clearly the language is simple and direct to those it is intended. Trump is saying to Africa  that Western countries  have declared war on, mined for oil, resources and cellphone ore ,DO NOT COME TO AMERICA. The message is very clear and that message alone will move hundreds of thousands to go somewhere else. Canada is sending delegates to do the same but only in a much quieter way. The US is said to be moving to a Canadian selective-ism model that takes skilled immigrants that the country needs.Add family reunification. Americans and Canadians agree, this is not the North America of 100 years ago. The arguments break into immigration, migrants, and refugees break into two groups one being temporary status people who's protection is running out. The feeling is that they cannot go back to these Sh/t Holes because it is too dangerous for them in their home countries. This is where the argument becomes circular and the language gets vulgar but all are on the same side.

President Trumps Vulgar Comments -Another Take

The vulgar term Sh/t Hole  (joining sh/t storm and cratered bottom)is  common  military  slang commonly used by soldiers to describe the
vulgar situations they face fighting their nations battles.

The term describes the situations they are in and mocks the politicians that sent them there.
In the literature of modern wars the soldier is infused with the glory days of WW11 and the gratefulness of the liberated toward the liberators as well as the recruiters who reinforce the  ingrained patriotic sense of honour and purpose ,fighting for those  who cannot fight for themselves. And then there is the ever promise of the two week war, or you'll be back by Christmas. This old glory no longer exits and the generals know it.

The soldier arrives by plane and not by crowded uncomfortable WW11 troop ships.  The discomfort steels them for the coming discomfort of protracted war. Discomfort makes them hate.

Today they see the beautiful country from the air and it looks so beautiful and calm.

The next thing they feel is the heat, dust or humidity of the most uncomfortable places in the world where it seems everyone want to kill the invader. Children and women are used as human shields.

Maiming injury and loss fallow. Victory has a cost, loss is bottomless and dark.

Long deployments and extensions .Everything looked like a sh/thole if you live in fear and without sleep. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and reservists do their best and come home , “as is.” Young men become old fast.
Sh/t Hole is a military term used by an The Old Man surrounding himself by military people. They are calling bluffs all around the world and traps are being set on both sides. Messages sent in plain language.

When everyone sees the US as withdrawing from the world, the generals see it differently.

Deploying overwhelming force is no longer necessary with special forces , submarines and drones. Satellites make boots on the ground unnecessary. Airspace of nations no longer sacred.

The arrow again replaces the knife.

The influence of generals in the White House has to be felt and this is the out dated language of the last wars. There have been no good answers for the Middle East nor Africa. No more infrastructure damage that takes decades to fix, if ever .No more loss of life or limbs. No more door kicking .The doctrine of Air Power is redefined to the surgical, and the secret. No more mass exodus. No more countries emptying out,moving ,or camps along borders. Hard Power .No more Sh/t Holes. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti

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Re: RIVISED - Vulgar Language by the President -A Different Take
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With Trump's vulgar language over the past 1-1/2 years, it's interesting to see how the news media report on it. Some will bleep the words, some will use euphemisms and others will quote verbatim. A few years ago, these same words would never have been published in print nor spoken on TV newscasts. Apparently some newspapers have now added such words to their style books.

And speaking of Trump:

1) They say that power can not only corrupt but more likely it can also reveal.

2) And also: "When you are promoted, just as you have to learn about the challenges of your new position, you also need to recognize and work on your insecurities, because if you do not, you may unconsciously embrace individualistic power and become authoritarian."

3) The Emperor's New Clothes

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