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Newspaper Strong a Holiday/Christmas Message
« on: December 12, 2017, 11:28 AM »
Newspaper strong- An Open Letter to the Newspaper Publishers of Canada.
One of the problems with this formerly independent group that has never wanted or needed help before, is they do not know how to ask. Asking the government for money needs some nuance. Financing diversity, education grants, investigative reporting , has a better ring than paying the wages of reporters and subsidizing an entire business. These are omission sins that are on us and they can be fixed without help.

If the playing field gives the advantage to cross border media then it is governments job is to level it. It is their duty.

Canada first. If the problems of media are internal, then the a cull will take place,no amount of intervention can fix those who have always needed help. 

Every good rant starts with, “it may be the scotch talking,”this is different , the scotch IS doing the talking. 

It is about time someone said it, this is not the newspaper business we all knew.

Tell these fools what ever they need to hear. Then fix what ever is wrong by yourself. Some may think we may need expensive communication fools for that. Since we are in the business of communicating there may be some who think this is something that can be done in house. They might also be wrong.

We may be foolishly wrong,wrong like a citizen wrapped in virtue, defending it's own virtue in a court of law. It is a business not without  fault or guilt but there is defiantly no shortage of virtue. Virtue is it's own punishment.

This newspaper business may be the  next to last enclave of western reform. We are the band of ruined people , ruining people and ruining ourselves little by little. We know decline when we see it. The task  of ruining now taken up by television and online media. Shamers &Puritans looking for witches. They are amateurs like McCarthyism during the Cold War. Newspapers took part and learned. The last mass media will undoubtedly  ruin all of what is left. The good intentions of a history rear view mirror turned against itself. It is in the electronics, the wiring, media and politics hand in hand have lost their minds. Empty apologies and bags of gold, long lists of future fear and 45 second solutions. We were once rich , we knew rich ,and we knew arrogance. We were once“a license to print money,” and we did,  now we know better, conspicuous arrogance was always a sin in every era. 

The ministry of history might begin by looking backwards ,and the irony will become clear.

The newspaper business with it's black eyes can still see straight, it's long history of imperfection will save it. It gamely steps forward counter punching. We are serious, ruined people. This naive , analytic,electrified and WiFi-ed  group, pure and untouched will never see it coming and it is coming faster and faster. New young,fast and pure and old electronic media just descends with it ,at speeds, fast and steady carried down by a fouled anchor. Dirty tricks,political, hacked, happy in a deluded oxygen deprived sense of honour. It was where it was always heading anyway.

History is catching up, politics now brand driven, a blood sport ,it no longer has handles. Sliding down hill. History was supposed to help those in the present. We have always learned from history.  Instead history becomes an indictment. Some want history  revised like old soviet propaganda.
Nation building is messy, linear, like power grids and pipelines. History has no victors, just those who where present. The present is always open with good intentions and goals. A good coach will always say , “it's what you do next that matters.”

The newspaper business has always been present,it wrote it's own version of history always in the present always scrutinized. Always present and accounted for. It always carried a name, a city, a place.

History shows that the present is changeable but the course has to be clear. Today,right now, the house generals are calling bluffs around the world. Soft power get limp-er and limp-er. We need to set our own house in order. Those keepers lists of worst case future fear may have them thrown away. If it all does not blow up, there will be a very different order. If our way is the best it will show itself to be the best.
Newspaper can be in the vanguard,they just have to get off their knees.

The newspaper business can still see straight but it cannot fumble this opportunity.
In the end, till the end , looking through swollen and blackened eyes we still stand,
bricks and mortar strong,history strong, newspaper strong. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti

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