Author Topic: Time to Remind the US of Canada's NAFTA Losses  (Read 100 times)

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Time to Remind the US of Canada's NAFTA Losses
« on: August 29, 2017, 11:55 AM »
Remind the US of Canada's NAFTA Job Losses- A challenge to Canadian Media.  Note to  Foreign Affairs Minster Chrystia Freeland ,your doing a great job ,it is great to see Canadian-ness shine through when dealing with the US. Nice start. The US leadership keeps playing the victim card regarding NAFTA. It might be good to remind Mr. Trump that Canada was also a victim with the loss of 540,000 job since 2000. Canada also has a rust belt in the Niagara region , and major manufacturing of cars,steel,clothing, furniture pulp and paper industries right across the country have been devastated. The consolidation of new industry has not created exponentially more jobs that may have occurred in the past. Even infrastructure jobs employ fewer people. Defense and resource jobs cannot be exported. That is where Mr. Trump is going. Canadian's also suffer and still suffer with the loss of union jobs, flat wages,and a steady and low rising  inflation. Pensions are also under funded in both the private and federal level. Health-care and welfare being stretched to the limits.
We have lowered our carbon footprint to 1-2% in our northern country ,in that time at great loss to the middle class. Canadians have not just begun to fight climate change as it seems to be portrayed  across news media. Canada has paid the price already. Within our borders carbon production is low but consumption has not changed, Canadian carbon has be moved offshore. That is the reality. 

The environment is catching up though. Climate change and resulting wars in Africa and the Middle East are causing mass migrations from collapsing countries. Millions of eyes from many disrupted world populations are on Canada's welcoming culture and  vast expanses of  empty land , with more coming as the Arctic thaws. As these counties empty, Canada will fill. Jobs are needed to stabilize the economy.

California has already become nearly bankrupt from pension plan strains ($19 billion shortfall 2011), and the increasing size of state government that raised payroll costs 42%  in 2012. It is easy to create jobs by making  government bigger but the costs are so much greater. That is the challenge for government , all political parties  Canadian people and Canadian media. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti