Author Topic: News Photography Must Be Nearly Dead  (Read 110 times)

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News Photography Must Be Nearly Dead
« on: August 06, 2017, 08:18 AM »
Photojournalists must be very nearly dead, marginalized and crushed by the times. Six posts in a row ,all outrageous in their own way and hardly a rise. That has to be one beaten down group , even more than reporters.

The summer is still young, listen to some big sky country music, have a big glass of whiskey on the rocks, enjoy reading stories of verified courage from the pages of Flight Journal magazine. This always brings me up. These pilots in their own words and verified by others tell stories of deep courage and conviction hardy seen since WW2. Jim Howard, One Man Air Force by Barrett Tillman. Howard could be the only person “alone in a crowd”,he flew with the Flying Tigers defending the Chinese City of Kunming until the Japanese gave up trying to attack it.

He got the Medal of Honour fighting in his second theater of war in Europe.
While flying his P-51 named  Ding Hao (translates to Number one in Chinese) he defended a bomber squadron after losing contact with his fighter group, (they were of chasing German fighters) returning to the bomber formation.  He took on 30 German fighters on his own. He kept them off balance ,and broke their shooting angles as best he could even while 3 of his 6 wing guns stopped functioning. He got credit for three confirmed kills. (plain language of the times) A reporter noted his quiet reserved nature, saying of Howard's reserve, “when he puts on his wings ,he takes off his cloak of restraint.”
I always thought of news photographers in this way. Innovative problem solvers. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti

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