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Canada 150 Some Party :That White Man Is Here to Help
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Canada 150: That Was Some Party:That White Man is Here to Help

News Photographers often see the wave tops of culture during our daily 4x30 minute relationships we have in the newspaper business. We take pictures for all departments and are chauffeuring  many reporters, dealing with many ideas. We are given the opportunity to see differently and without prejudice because we work in a structure that gives us very little power. I am not a historian just a P'ed off , rambling, retired person now. Political messaging, strange commercial media/politics , and many young voters ripe for manipulation,they won't have a chance to be their best selves.

It is said that television introduced  Americans to each other. The internet is introducing  the people of the world to each other. The continental plates of culture are moving towards each other with increasing speed, this movement is unstoppable. Completely new lines of power are forming that will have profound effects on every single person and the planet itself.

Fools around the world are finding each other also, because of this we as a nation need to our best selves.
Three stories in The Atlantic July /Aug 2017 when spliced together offer hybrid thinking ,a re-thinking major political parties in the US are considering. Media in Canada will have to catch up to some very strange  ideas about politics and power. The three stories come from the left, far right and a look at modern unions.  Some new research in the US is trying to understand Donald Trumps success will shed some light on how the next  government can be good again.
What's Wrong with the Democrats by Franklin Foer; the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton believed “A democratic wave ... would carry the party to victory, and liberalism to generate advantage.” The Democrats used a shy researcher Stanley Greenberg  to study  Macomb county near Detroit to monitor the white working class.Macomb grew distant from the “democratic” party and then furious with it.” after many elections supporting the New Deal to JFK. The findings shed new light that refutes 1960 post Civil Rights racism. There is anger with change but people get used to change and anger shifts from blacks in the 1960's, yesterday Mexicans ,today it is refugees. The findings may point to less racially directed voting.It is more about anger and being ignored than race.

A Conservative Case for Unions Atlantic Magazine story by Jonathan Ruach talks about how labour unions operate in Europe. The Canada /US union model is out dated and based on a 1950' s locally owned companies. Companies can just move if costs got to high. In Europe unions are doing different things , and still representing work forces instead of workers. This idea of recharging the union movement would have a colour blind solution for angry left behind workers.

The third story The Architect of the Right By Sam Tanenhaus, about an anti government ,Noble Prize winning economist of the 1950's and 60's who called Social Security a “ponzi scheme” , he theorized about the government obstructionism (now being done  by both parties in the US). He is against the “misguided good Samaritism ,which , by helping the unlucky, cushions them against the consequences of their bad choices.” This is not to be read by Canadian politicos , an open mind is needed. This brings people to make the changes that empower themselves and not let the state offer low grade social programs meant to stagnate populations.It brings a young persons thinking about what to do next.
For those who study politics , they will hear only dog whistles but the new way of thinking comes  from the combinations of ideas seen by new eyes not burdened by political dogma. It is happening in France with it's new rookie leader.

This is more a critical thinkers exercise. Canadians sincerely believe in consensus , but the end result is a 50-60% solution that degrades over time or political whim to 40-50% outcome. This is a bigness of country and a smallness of taxpayer issue. Our ministries , infrastructure , services have these low average outcomes from heath care, human services to basic roadwork .
There are other lines of thought that do not settle, they involve exceptionalism as a goal. It is a good goal. We are seeing the fruits of consensus politics and they are lacking.
 Canada was formed by mass ,unstoppable migrations of people , and First Nations people were in their path.  .

But let us celibate Canada 150.
Na, we just can't do that.
Just smile and say SORRY.

Canada's big birthday has caused Canadians to question themselves and  the power centres pushing them. The CBC is one of those power structures.

Could the long term goal of the CBC be, to please return  ALL of the missing parts of Canadian history for Canada 200 celebrations. The CBC is a powerful cultural force ,maybe too powerful in Canada.

Some of the best people I ever knew also suffered and over came, creating a positive legacy in this great country from 1900 to this day. To all Canadians this is personal now.
We are becoming American-like as we descend into culture change and hate. Racism is not the prime motivation, but traditional media is reckless  with the terms.

Canada was formed by mass ,unstoppable migrations of fleeing poor people seeking safety, and First Nations people were in their path. During most of the last 9000 years including the 19th and 20th century aboriginal people were independent and self sufficient.

  The CBC's dramatic narration of Canadian history, a ten part series ,mostly narrated by actors (over acted and supporting the arts,  gooey like old USSR propaganda ) called The Story of Us was released just before aboriginal protests filled the news days before Canada Day 2017 ,Canada's 150 birthday.

It really put most Canadians in no mood to celibate. Many people I talked to were bewildered and saddened by the content and that expensive day. Canada Day would never be the same.

The retirement of CBC icon Peter Mansbridge on Canada Day and the all day coverage of his legacy ,was another distraction over shadowing Canada's big birthday. That was disappointing it took up so much air time. The new nightly news format is a big improvement. The smugness meter is down to zero. Credit to the CBC in self improvement.
The strange thing is that Google did not come up with an easy slick-click answer for TV researchers on  how  Canada became such a great country despite many serious racist decisions by our own government over this countries short history. Centralized government bureaucracy is that bad guy. The times and context are not lost if we can see our history clearly from many angles.

TV researchers did not see the obvious, everywhere else on the planet was way worse.(Big Hint , the Nazis , Joseph Stalin, World Wars , Japan/China War ,American Civil War ,Slavery, American Indian Wars, Vietnam War, Diamond/resource wars in Africa, oil wars Middle East ,Famine in India , China ,USSR, Mao's Cultural Revolution, ETC. It's just HISTORY, the thing elitist don't teach anymore to us dumb ass rednecks. Canada does not need to act too proud nor stand too tall. We as a people,were the good people most of the time. Our flawed British background ,politics, the failure of, is also our history.It some how got a pass.

Canada's history with aboriginal people has been mostly unknown to the average person and the onus of guilt seems to be put directly on the average Canadian by the Corp.
The focus seems to be on the Residential School system but it goes back even further. The Indian Act set policy from what was the original 1% English colonial monarchy's ,the original powdered White man.

The Indian Act originally was the bringing together of other acts from British colonial policy (not just Canada but the realm) that dealt in destroying indigenous culture. Residential Schools for aboriginal children was a direct extension of British Colonial policy. British colonial policy was a direct expression of British race superiority over what they considered uncivilized nations. they managed to create parts of India in their own image.Canada would be another experiment but world wars got in the way.British culture dominated Canadian culture almost to the present with it's power over its age old enemy the French. French speaking people in Quebec evoked special status for Quebec and threatened its' own Qu-exit from Canada. Now the door is open for the entanglement aftermath of Nation to Nation special status for First Nations.

The policy of one Canadian simplifies action. There are just too many splinter groups seeking attention. Politics has made the mish mash ungovernable , one groups gets special attention at the expense of another. Everyone is now angry. This is the essence of the new reality , it lacks nuance but is very real.

And yet people struggle with the guilt, then get a little P'ed off when thinking back to grandparents in this country , I my case grandfather in early 1900 came from one the poorest parts of southern  Italy , my second grandparents arriving in Canada from  Polish /Ukrainian  after WW1. These were poor people who worked everyday , raised families and eventually owned their own homes. Yes ,there was no government act preventing them from owning land. My grandfathers English was poor up until he died  in his early 70's.And they were white.

They had no knowledge of government policy toward aboriginals in Canada at all. They did feel decriminalization and were suspicious of government. These people did not need or expect government to help them. Granted their children were loved and  never kidnapped by any bureaucratic policy conceived in Ottawa. Ukrainians were interned before my family arrived. In another apology by the Canadian government all was forgiven. A government reset. People still feel hurt for their families , they did not deserve that, neither do aboriginals today. 

Many other modern Canadians are migrants from Africa, South & Central  America, Asia and the Philippines they had no participation at all in this sad history , but know about sad histories from their own home lands. They may not feel like attaching tax dollars to that train either in the future. These people arrived with nothing and rose.

I was born in 1954,educated  in a Separate School (Catholic) and I remember aboriginal kids attending who were foster children of the Childrens Aid (1960's). The Separate Catholic School was funded by parishioners and paid less than the public schools and some of the teachers were Nun's ,the  priest was across the street in the church. The only abuse was a strict code of conduct and corporal punishment.  Corporal punishment was the norm and there was strict rules with no consideration for  ADHD or any of these modern afflictions , kids were just hit then expelled. Spare the rod and spoil the child was a common guiding principle. Again we went home everyday to our loving parents.

I worked all my life in news and only heard of the residential school scandal later in life.

Any way, Indian Affairs and the creators of the Indian Act seem to have got off pretty lightly. The churches both Catholic and Protestant ,not so much. The conditions for these atrocities were elemental in government all the way back to British rule by monarchs. This is documented.

Most Canadian immigrants were peasants and serf farmers fleeing over population ,war and famine in Europe and the Balkans during early part of the century , the World wars were big migrations. 

The essential questions about reconciliation have not been asked.

Does the average Canadian feel guilty for the  destructive policies against aboriginal people? Is anyone asking for a reset? Racism does exist but the friction comes mostly from ignored taxpayers about how their money is spent.

How is the money being spent? No one really knows ,not even the auditor general. I am sure aboriginal people and non aboriginal people are asking. I don't hear that question being asked by a shy media.Media is afraid of the answer.

What is the path from the tax payer to the individual reserve aboriginal person? How does it flow? Any charity can tell you how much of the money goes to the poor and how much is administration. This is a simple question but the lack of clarity evokes much distrust of government that is projected on impoverished native people.They do not deserve it.

Canadians sympathize  because our own migrating  families were once poor. This idea has been lost to some in 2017. Opportunities were offered and no one knows why aboriginal people stand in the same spot. These are valid questions  a compromised media are afraid to ask.   

Explain that, and we will find racism and hate at a much smaller scale than it is thought of today. We are in a politically contrived state in this climate of missing story elements and missing information. There is no critical thinking and our history is being revised. The truth is out there.

I do not hear anyone in media asking that question. I know that there are issues with speaking publicly in Canada about the issue. People are afraid to talk about native issues because media brands it racism. Political correctness at work.

Because of the highly developed welfare state , the taxpayer gets to have his say. The Taxpayer is suspicious of how money is spent. There has been disappointing  audits of Indian Affairs  money and accountability over a twenty year period. Jean Chretien started the ball rolling when threatened  one when he was a PM. He was also and former Indian Affairs minister for Pierre Elliott Trudeau's “Just Society” that created a White Paper in 1969 that would have created a multi cultural society , but in the process eliminated the word Indian  creating a new version of what some thought was aboriginal assimilation. He promoted the multi multiculturalism we have today but it would not have included special status for Quebec or nation to nation negotiations by anyone. There would be only one nation , one Canadian.  Geez how did that guy get elected in Canada? He could have been president.

But what is the context and the complete history? It is recorded and it isn't that complicated. It is political so it does not have a common sense thread. Google, Indian Act, Residential Schools history , British history ,White Paper 1961 ( it had to be“white”)
The impact of Canada's physical size, isolation and desolation and the severity of winter and the effectiveness of a government bureaucracy in Ottawa to create meaningful policy on the day to day governance of aboriginal people all factor into our collective history. Canada's people were self sufficient and did not want or need government to change that.

If the history, decade by decade of Indian Affairs (in its many name changes) proves anything, it is that no one should have it's day to day affairs governed by anyone in Ottawa.

*see Dances with Dependency -Out of Poverty Through Self Reliance by aboriginal author Calvin Helin , it is a history of modern aboriginal welfare created by the Government of Canada.(2006 Ravencrest Publishing)

The destructive effects of government policy , European disease, the Indian Act and the Residential schools , Hydro projects ,resulting movements of native people . This movement of people resulting in  generational  dependence on welfare  ending 9600 years of aboriginal self sufficiency starting in 1960. The author uses the word “welfare trap” and “forced dependency” in a very detailed account of this sad state of affairs inflicted on aboriginal people. This dependency strategy will create a “fiscal demographic tsunami on a scale never seen in Canada.” Helin is very blunt about doing nothing.

People were not complainers like they are today. But, aboriginal people could not speak English so they had to deal with Indian agents,and others who spoke for them. Not speaking English or French did not give First Nations people a voice. They could not talk to Ottawa. This was a valid point brought out in Farley Mowat's books in the 1950's. He also noted that many ministry people in the 1950's did not agree with Ottawa's policies towards the Inuit, they just kept quiet until their contract was up and tried to get a job the HBC. So the Ottawa bureaucracy could not get feed back from it's employees nor  the Inuit themselves. There was not direct information link , it was one way or the highway. Mowat is a controversial figure, but his books paint and authentic picture of day today Inuit life in the 1950's. He was there and not a lot of people have written about the subject at that time. Most of what people around the world  know about the Arctic and Inuit life are from his many books.

Maybe  someone at the CBC should find that “white man” everyone is talking about. He is not that hard to find. But, he is not every White Man in Canada, although everyone gets to wear it. Canada's story is the story of every family in Canada. Every Canadian in the first half of the 20th Century suffered the aftermath of two World Wars and the ten years of The Great Depression, these traumatic events occupied almost half an entire century.  Millions  Canadians who form this multicultural country would not arrive till decades later.

This was a country of very low wages until the 1970's. The tax base did not exist for the high minded ,well paid thinkers & civil servants of 2016.The country was built on peasant wages until recent years. The 1% had it pretty good from the very start in Canada.

There's a Syrian driving a cab,
Before that a Pakistani wearing a turban.
Then an Italian with a mustache was hailed.
In the beginning he was a big blonde guy named Mick.
They all took that wheel,
They drove customers in their cabs for cash.
They all felt diminished in every era.
In every era they rose.(by Ken Gigliotti)

Canadians got to know immigrants but they never got to know aboriginal people beyond those tortured banished souls occupying  main street of large western cities. These stateless groups numbering 50,000 in Winnipeg estimated by John Rogers founder of Main St. Project (and saver of thousands of lives)  in a public meeting during the 1980's.  Main Street Indians fell through the cracks back then as they were off reserve and not federal responsibility, but cities saw them as federal responsibility because they were First Nation , that Catch 22  loophole went on for decades. It was all highly visible on main street Canada and a strong bias was formed. That visual is hard to shake even though there is a large middle class of working aboriginal people ,many look just like the mainstream .

We search history trying to find that“white man,” everyone is talking about.
The ragged white guys seen in our history books seem to be serfs and peasant refugee farmers .They came from a feudal systems last gasp and famine and over population. These ragged white peasants fought European wars  ruled by kings .

They were ragged white men and they where also ruled. They were property ,they were small, they were taxed and they kept the the rich white men above them. These English serfs  tolerated being “loyal subjects”  persons ruled over by the divine right of  Kings. These subjects had no special status in Great Britain but carried special protection , they were declared above all other races they encountered in the world. They are like Americans today outside of the USA. They were protected subjects by British law.

White Europeans were an eclectic mix of enemies. The British were not “people ,persons” they liked institutions, architecture and  slavery. The Spanish were “people persons”they slaughtered an entire Central American  culture. The French were republicans ,thinkers & raiders, food and fashion. Every culture had its flaws. The Germans were ... busy.

 That British white man parsed power with a cleaver like a butcher with a cow. A serf ,peasant, adventurer, a subject  who could not be bested by his historic and geographical birth right. It is still just grade 4 social studies. Every kid learns it. The old but primitive cultures existed along side refined ones, easy targets for the former. But still a kingly 1% in action all the way. This deep ethos of the cleaver created the roots for reform in every arena of politics today.

The subjects where poor and down trodden but they were above the others, prevailing thought of the powerful declared the uncivilized,the heathen , sub human and genetically inferior. The English , the French, Italian German and Spanish needed a border of cultural superiority. Even before there was genetics ,their powdered whiteness made them superior. Their rule was absolute using  powerful cannons , their  whiteness, testosterone and slave ships.

One percent White power controlled and influenced. Even the white mans female mates were graded as less, the cleaver made another cut. It was their whiteness and their steel. Then another cleaved cut  for every race colour and kind. The first born male ruled over a female born before a male in European family culture. The education,employment and the vote of females was banned. The genesis of a bigotry and injustice to race and gender was exported ,was formed in a war based culture from European monarchies. One and two hundred year old European culture resemble the Taliban of today.

White Women where the property of the male subjects who were property themselves. Divide and conquer, splintered ,all the groups still exists today in modern government , each one gets their own TV time and a ministry. It makes them happy and heard but they still stand in the same spot smiling for the better part of three centuries.

The cleaving of aboriginal culture by blood was raised to a high art. And It was profitable , the aboriginal fur trade was a low cost money maker but also a lynch pin to culture. When taken away the culture began to unravel. The Hudson Bay Company predated government in the most isolated parts of Canada.
Yankee Whalers decimated the Inuit culture in a whirl wind till 1900. All for profit, a business arrangement , fur for flour, a gun , some bullets. Oh yea, you will need more bullets.

The white man clung to power,delaying and placating  in mysterious and magical ways. Judo of insecurity. They made the rules, laws, education ,institutions and churches.  The great white man's 1% always had a plan while everyone else toiled busily with the mindless urgency the plan allowed. The promise ,like heaven , in the far future. Happiness became further and further away. Winter first , then spring. Over promise and ever so slowly  under deliver. A perfect plan for the ages.

Institutional liberalism was young and reforming institutions. And still to this day Indian Affairs cannot built, or does not know if it built  a budgeted house with water and sewer for First nation people even though  the homes of whites living on reserves (police,  nurses, teachers and doctors) are all serviced.
Remote Hydro dam projects in the north have built from scratch, serviced communities of 1500 people with a common food service. I have worked in bush camps in the 1970's some were simple 60 man bunkhouses , another was built like a resort to be used as hunting lodges .These camps can be built to be anything. A seniors home for elders jumps to mind. Quick and easy. One Manitoba reserve is building tiny houses for single and couples , $10,000 each. Creative.

It would not be until modern times that the infrastructure of the welfare state would create jobs and a middle class for aboriginal people to manage the sorrow as well as the rebirth of their own people. Servicing the sorrow is a real driver of jobs with no real reason to suppress the sorrow. Addictions, social services , jail & justice, child welfare, sex trade , jobs, jobs jobs, and still , people on western reserves are the poorest people in Canada. Billions spent every years.

We must be seeing that comets tail as politics is moving to a more urgent and accountable present. Both white , migrant and First Nations people want to see where the money is going.

Political accountability is near.

The white man sees himself in the global mirror and is ashamed even though everything has gone to his centuries old colonial plan. The rest begin to rise slowly but they begin to rise ,faster and faster. Destabilizing wars cannot come fast enough for the 1% white man now. The Doctrine of Air Power creates many new enemy fighters with every guided bomb.

In the end the white mans globalized industrial plan has brought only sadness, anger insecurity and a damaged planet.

Today's Racism as defined by the white man as he creates the last stall to progress. Reconciliation and an end to racism may be the only thing that can save this North American experiment. The white man now has many enemies,the security of our culture depends of being that shining city on the hill to all of humanity. 

The current thread of cultural correctness and social engineering by both government and now media is failing , voters are angry. It would be good to find out why.In the United States much thought is going into that project.

For those who study politics , they will hear only dog whistles but the new way of thinking comes from the combinations of ideas seen by new eyes not burdened by political dogma.

Canada 200 is just around the corner. Opinion by Ken Gigliotti


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Re: Canada 150 Some Party :That White Man Is Here to Help
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Quote from: Ken Gigliotti
...most Canadians in no mood to celibate.


Interesting taxi analogy. I bet an enterprising newspaper (are there any of these left?) could produce a good story around this.

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