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More free photo software
« on: May 23, 2017, 01:26 PM »
Topaz Labs, maker of various Photoshop/Lightroom plugins, today announced version 1.0 of its free Topaz Studio. This new software acts as a standalone application as well as a plugin for Photoshop/Lightroom. This free application does a few tricks and, of course, they'd like you to buy their other plugins.

If you like to try new software, give it a go.

I haven't used Topaz Studio but I've used some of the other Topaz plugins. Some are okay and some are rather cheesy. None of the plugins are "must-have" but they can come in handy once in a while even though the interface isn't that good (eg. fonts and sliders much too small, sliders can be overly sensitive, won't output to a new layer, not particularly Mac-like).

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