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Alternative to name brand gear
« on: May 16, 2017, 11:15 PM »
Here is a list of alternative to name brand accessories that I have used and I know some of our members have used. Depending on your needs, these gears are a fraction of the cost and performed well.  B&H and Vistek has also import them but they sell them at higher price. 

Disclaimer: I have no association with these manufactures or their resellers. I looked at importing Godox product a few years ago...wish I had make that choice :P

Flash and studio strobe: Godox.

Godox Ad 360 is basically the Quantum Q Flash running off their own PB 960 battery pack. AD 360 is rated at 300ws.
AD 600 is their new larger brother, a studio strobe with battery pack built in.  B&H Photo branded them as Bolt and charge you a few dollar more.

Godox line of studio is also decent, I have their 300ws lower end, shooting all day in a non-rush environment not an issue. 4x300ws would set you back around $600.  Think of them as Alien Bee at a lower price point. Their high end gear is harder to find in North America, it uses Bowen mount and Godox manufacture for a number of name brand and other Asian brand names we never heard off.

Power pack:

Godox PB 960 is basically a Quantum battery pack at more than 50% less of Quantum pricing.

Godox LB-800x - lithium-ion inverted power pack for studio strobe. Godox is the manufacture and goes under many other brand names including Elinchrom.  It's big and heavy.

Jinbei EN-350 Inverter Portable Power. A small mini power pack. Jinbie is the manufacture and goes under many other brand names. 

Remote: Aputure  (about $50 to $75 per transceiver, in normal indoor setting I haven't had issues. Built wise, they are ok, in past 5 years I broke 2 units.) 

Aputure is the manufacture and OEM for others.

LED panel: Aputure

Non-Nikon battery grip:  Neewer

I am not sure who make for Neewer. Neewer mainly just buy and put their label on it.  They do that to Godox gear. Some of their battery grip has a built in remote shutter release / timer, very cool but I have not test it completely. They are 2.4Ghz therefore should able to travel a bit of distance. The remote does have a feedback once it make connection/shutter release on the camera.

Neewer also made (or rebrand other) decent low cost softboxes.

Audio / Mic:

Saramonic - they looks like Sony, behave like Sony. We know Sony doesn't necessary make their own stuff. About 50% of Sony prices.  I used their wireless UHF for a video job - no issue and was perfect.

For cheap stands, cheap backdrop etc, based in Mississauga is your best bet. Basically anytime you think gear will be destroyed, shop there.

Where to buy these stuff?  (Montreal) (Hong Kong/China) (Hong Kong / China)

Happy shopping!