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ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival exhibits
« on: May 13, 2017, 06:30 PM »
Shows that are worth visiting...

-SebastiĆ£o Salgado's Kuwait: A Desert on Fire at Nicholas Metivier Gallery. If you love seeing work from the master, there is no excuse on earth to miss this show. HUUGE prints, well at least three. Beyond beautiful work, at least of a horrible event.

-Johan Hallberg-Campbell's Coastal at Harbourfont Centre.

-Charles Gagnon A Survey of Photographs at the Stephen Bulger Gallery.

-Ears, Eyes, Voice: Black Canadian Photojournalists 1970s -1990s at BAND Gallery

-Serenity by Peter Dusek (if you appreciate moody/ contemplative landscapes) at Abbozzo Gallery

-Grasslands and Ghostlands by Phil Desjardins at Twist Gallery  (I thought a tighter edit might help)

-Michael Snow's Newfoundlandings at the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art. This is not a print based show but I still sat and stared at the walls for however long the clips ran (maybe not the whole 60+ minutes on one video).

-Muse, at the Gladstone Hotel. Photographers who we all know and love...too many to mention

What I didn't get to see cuz I ran out of time but will try again....

-Souvenir by Ken Monkman, Caroline Monnet, Jeff Barnaby and Michelle Latimer at Ryerson Image Centre

-It's All Happening So Fast A Counter- History of the Modern Canadian Environment at the Art Museum at the University of Toronto

-Fun Fair by Heinrich Zille at the Goethe-Institut (downtown Toronto)

-Narratives of Home, a Group Exhibition at the Ismaili Centre (across from the beautiful, can't take a bad photo of, Aga Khan Museum

If anyone has recommendations on shows to see, add it to this thread.