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Hi everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce the third speaker for the NPAC Conference - May 4-6, 2017 in beautiful downtown Toronto!

Spencer Wynn

For over 30 years, Spencer Wynn has been a visual journalist working in the editorial area in magazines and newspapers including Toronto Life and the Toronto Star. From living with the Inuit on the ice flows of the High Arctic, to the riotous lands of western China and the slums of central India, Wynn embeds himself into a story. It is only from this perspective that readers can be led into the raw and honest environment of what life is like inside the visual he covers.

Having shed his bulky and heavy DSLR gear for Fuji X-System cameras, Wynn is more free to shoot in sensitive locations without becoming part of the story.

Spencer's topic is:  "Living in the story, to tell the story"

"I want to experience the story or situation to be able to fully communicate the story. This can mean sleeping in a slum (as in India covering a story), living in a First Nations community to learn first-hand what the issues are, and living with strangers in rural China to understand their cultures."

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto!  For more details, click here:

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