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DayMen Canada shut down
« on: March 03, 2017, 08:14 PM »
(A bit late but...) About six months ago, DayMen Canada, founded in 1981, shut down. It was the Canadian distributor/manufacturer of LowePro and a few other brands of photo products. The parent company, The DayMen Group, "recapitalized" in late 2014. But I guess that didn't work out too well. 

Note that The DayMen Group continues to own and manufacture Lowepro products which are now distributed in North America and Latin America by US company WYNIT. So you probably won't notice any difference when you buy a LowePro product in the future.

But in the old days, if your Lowepro product somehow broke, you could bring the product to the DayMen Canada office, just north of Toronto, and they would repair or replace your product for free, even if it was years old. No questions asked, no warranty card needed, no original sales receipt required.

When Larry Frank worked there, (Nikon users may remember Larry), he would insist on giving you a tour of the place as well as making sure you got some free product samples.  :)

I guess all that's gone now.

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