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Photo Mechanic Code Replacement Lists
« on: July 18, 2016, 11:59 PM »
Since I'm shooting men's tennis in a few days, I made these lists to help with players' names and countries. Hopefully these might also be of some use to you.

Country Codes - This is for use with Code Replacement. It's a list of three-character ISO and IOC country codes. Most countries are included but some obscure countries have been left out. Nationality is also included.

For example:
     Enter \can\  and you get Canada
     Enter \can#2\  and you get Canadian

     Enter \sui\  or \che\ and you get Switzerland
     Enter \sui#2\  or \che#2\ and you get Swiss

Instructions are in the file.


Men's tennis - This is for use with Autocomplete. It's a list of the top 200 mens tennis players as of July 2016.

For example, if you type Rog you'll get the option of choosing:
     Roger Federer
     Roger Federer of \sui\    ==> which will return ==>  Roger Federer of  Switzerland
     Rogerio Dutra Silva
     Rogerio Dutra Silva of \bra\    ==> which will return ==>  Rogerio Dutra Silva of Brazil

To get the country name included, you need the Country Codes code replacement installed. This is because the tennis data was copied from the ATP web site which had only country codes and I didn't feel like typing all the country names.  :)

Instructions are in the file.

If you have any other suitable lists, feel free to post them here.