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Website/Portfolio/Gallery/Thought Process Critique
« on: August 26, 2012, 10:47 PM »
Hello all!

My name is Andrew Johnson and I just started a new website to showcase some of my work. I've traveled rather extensively for a 24-year-old and, as a result, developed a love for photography.

Being a  former poli sci and journalism student, I work to one day become a full-time photojournalist. This summer I got my hands on my first ever DSLR, a Nikon D7000, and have since launched this website to keep up my online portfolio.

I am currently in the planning and saving phase of operations, being quite busy with a full time bartending gig here in Toronto. I have, with the help of this job, amassed some good gear. I've recently picked up some lenses, tripod and flash gun, camera day pack, laptop and other accessories.

I plan to complete my first photo essay abroad by the end of the year. In the meantime, any and all critique on my website and content would be much appreciated. I look forward to learning and sharing with the online community here. Thank you.

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Re: Website/Portfolio/Gallery/Thought Process Critique
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2012, 02:15 AM »
• First image on the Home page is quite dark with no contrast. Is it supposed to be like this?

• Second image (River and Dundas?): how important are the No Stopping and Detour signs? This picture is not as good as the first image.

• Third picture (Caribana): how important is that big banner? Shouldn't the picture be about the guy with the flag or the people playing the drums? The banner detracts from the picture.

• Fourth picture: how important is the guy in the MARSHALL t-shirt? The woman's face is mostly shadow which kills any expression she might have.

In pictures like this, don't be afraid to shoot a tight picture of the performer's sparkly, make-up-covered face. Use a long lens, or walk up, smile and say you'd like to photograph their great face. Most performers in this parade are happy to be photographed- they spent time and money on their costumes are are proud to show them off.

• A dead kid in a minivan ???

• Yellow Caribana picture of a woman picking her nose ???

• Many pictures need to be cropped to exclude extraneous stuff which isn't part of the picture. Some pictures need better contrast/brightness.

• If you're going to use film scans, you probably should remove the dust spots. Example: the people crossing Bay/Front Streets: the big guy right in the front of the picture has a long piece of dust on his lips and other spots on his nose and clothes. Photo also lacks contrast.

• CN Tower photo: try another crop and run the picture horizontal.

• The Galleries links don't work.

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