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Title: Goodbye Lexar?
Post by: Warren Toda on June 27, 2017, 04:24 PM
Micron Technology, the owner of the Lexar brand, announced ( that it will shut down Lexar.  No date for the closure was given but Micron also said it was looking to sell Lexar.

If Lexar shuts down, the bad news for Nikon users is that Sony will have a monopoly on XQD cards. Right now, Lexar XQD cards and card readers are cheaper and faster than Sony.
Title: Re: Hello Lexar?
Post by: Warren Toda on September 01, 2017, 06:22 PM
The Lexar name has been bought by Longsys (, a Chinese manufacturer of consumer flash storage products.

The Longsys press release states that it bought the Lexar trademark and branding rights but makes no mention of buying any Lexar technology or patents. So it seems that only the Lexar name will appear on some Longsys products.
Title: Re: Goodbye Lexar?
Post by: Warren Toda on October 23, 2017, 04:36 PM
With Lexar now gone, Lexar XQD cards (and other Lexar card formats too) are disappearing from store shelves. I found that Lexar XQD 2933X cards were slightly faster and 25%-35% cheaper than Sony XQD cards.

Lexar's slower XQD cards (1100X, 1333X, 1400X) can still be found but at elevated prices. The 2933X XQD cards seem to be almost gone. One Toronto store that still has them is now charging 100% more than what I paid 10 months ago.

The same goes for Lexar XQD card readers which have magically doubled in price.

There's no word on what Longsys will do with the Lexar brand name or with XQD cards. It currently doesn't make XQD cards or readers.  Updated: Longsys/Lexar said on October 30 that it will continue making XQD cards and all other Lexar card formats. It will replenish dwindling stock in a few weeks.