Photographer’s Q&A – Peter Jones

Peter Jones started freelancing with Reuters in 1986 and was hired on staff in 1991. He is currently the Editor-in-Charge, Canada Photos and North American Sports Pictures Editor for Thomson Reuters.

Alexander Wurz of Austria crashes in his Benetton team car on the first lap of the Canadian Grand Prix at the Gilles Villeneuve circuit in Montreal, Canada, June 7, 1998. Wurz used his spare car and finished in fourth place. (REUTERS/Peter Jones)

(Editor’s note: How easy was it to shoot this? Watch here and decide.)

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Photographer’s Q&A – Jon Blacker

Toronto photographer Jon Blacker started in news photography about 20 years ago and now shoots editorial, corporate and commercial photography. He specializes in location portraits with an emphasis on musicians.

His web site is


Toronto rapper, Taylor T, photographed in a 1920s freight elevator in Toronto’s historic Distillery District on February 25, 2012. This image was a last-minute addition at the very end of a session that was otherwise entirely shot on a white seamless. There are two lights behind him, one red gelled on the floor, firing at the back of the elevator, and one bare head hitting the back of his head and a third light in a gridded softbox from camera right. We managed to get six frames before people downstairs started calling for the elevator. (Photo – Jon Blacker/

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Photographer’s Q&A – Dave Chan

Ottawa photographer Dave Chan has worked as a photojournalist for more than 20 years. He was the official photographer to Prime Minister Paul Martin and covered the Prime Minister’s daily life on Parliament Hill, across Canada and around the world.

Chan’s photographs have appeared in most major daily Canadian newspapers including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and National Post. His work has also appeared in several international publications including Newsweek, Time and The New York Times.

In 2002, Chan was awarded the National Newspaper Award for feature photography.

See more of his work at: and also at:


April 27, 2012: The Dalai Lama poses for a portrait during an interview in Ottawa. (Dave Chan for The Globe and Mail)

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Photographer’s Q&A – Brian Howell

Brian Howell is an award-winning editorial photographer and artist who has exhibited both nationally and internationally. He holds a BFA from Ryerson Polytechnic University in Film & Photograph. Howell is a regular contributor to Geist, Maclean’s, and Vancouver Magazine, and has published a number of books including “Fame Us”, documenting celebrity impersonators, and “One Ring Circus”, following the minor leagues of professional wrestling. Brian Howell is now based in Delta, BC.

You can view more of Brian’s work at


VANCOUVER, BC – Champion free-diver, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, who holds the women’s world record for descending 88 meters (288 feet) on one breath. Mandy, who is able to hold her breath underwater for over 5 minutes, was instrumental in the filming of the movie “The Cove”. She planted a number of underwater cameras and sound recording devices at the bottom of the cove without using any scuba gear. Photo by Brian Howell.

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