Do you have a permit to take that photo?

By Shannon Moneo

Photographer dumbfounded by policy that requires approval for taking pictures of the city’s 80 totem poles.


Len Langevin, president of the Cowichan Valley Camera Club, takes photos of totem poles in Duncan, BC, the “City of Totems”. Photo by Deddeda Stemler

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All in a day’s work


Legendary Canadian photojournalist and photo editor Bob Carroll remembers some of the more interesting events that happened during his early days as a wire service photographer.


In the 60’s, working and learning from Montreal Star photogs, I was using a Nikon 35mm camera borrowed from a staffer. I dropped in some film and went about taking pictures for the day.

The next day, the photog asked me if I needed more film or if was I finished. So I brought the camera back. He went to unload it and he noticed that the film tension hadn’t moved too far.
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