I’m Prepared, Are You?

By John Lehmann/NPAC Publisher

It’s the nature of our jobs as photojournalists to cover a variety of man-made and natural disasters. When people are fleeing such a disaster, photojournalists are heading in the opposite direction – straight towards the trouble.

D.A.R.T team members check the packing slips in Sri Lanka January 9, 2004. (John Lehmann/Globe and Mail)

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CBC backs cameraman arrested at crime scene

(Reprinted with permission of the Winnipeg Free Press 2007)

By Bruce Owen/Winnipeg Free Press

Four people are in custody as a result of a large police action on Wednesday night in West Kildonan. Police said the charges relate to a stolen vehicle and at least two break-ins in south Winnipeg in the past week.

A CBC cameraman was also charged Wednesday night for allegedly ignoring a police demand to get out of a perimeter police had set up around the scene on Murray Avenue.

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The “Fame Us” Party

By Jason Payne/NPAC.ca

Colonel Sanders was there. So was Bono. Tina Turner and Robert De Niro flew in from New Jersey. They all cheerfully posed for pictures with many of the hundred or so friends, family and colleagues on hand for the launch of Vancouver photographer Brian Howell’s new book Fame Us. Despite some of the biggest names in celebrity stardom being at Snap Contemporary Art, there was no red carpet, no paparazzi.


The cover of Brian Howell’s new book which he launched last week.

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