Photographers Blog – Day 3 – Jacques Boissinot

02.12.08 – 12:53

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I am off for a second day in a row. None of the leaders are heading in the greater Quebec City area. I had been on the bus and plane with Parti Quebecois Leader Pauline Marois over the weekend, as she was traveling outside of normal local coverage. CP has chosen to give a daily coverage of the three leaders but to save money, we avoided being on the bus for the whole campaign.  It makes so much sense in these economically challenged times. And for the same reasons, whenever we can, we take time off. Continue reading →

Photographers Blog – Day 2 – Jacques Boissinot

01.12.08 – 24:09

French Follows English

6h Early up again. Breakfast and departure from Saguenay to Montreal by plane.
7h30 We are greeted by the captain of our vintage plane and heading to Montreal, St-Hubert airport. the plane is cold and Marois enters and starts to chat with us, kneeling on a local newspaper that reads, “What recession”. Just enough time to grab one and only one frame.

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Photographers Blog – Day 1 – Jacques Boissinot

30.11.08 – 10:23

Like all news photographers, my days are never the same. More so these day. A provincial election is going on in Quebec and it sure makes our job challenging at times. I will try to walk you through the day. Over the weekend, I was assigned to cover Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois, who is travelling by plane, too far to cover  by car locally. It is a costly trip for CP but important for Quebec members expecting pictures of the elections. French follows English Continue reading →

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