Katrin Koenning – Indefinitely

The middle of nowhere is at the centre of everything. – Rebecca Solnit

Indefinitely is about love and a seemingly infinite space that is, in fact, filled to the rim with all kinds of things. Continue reading →

A Tale of Two Egypt’s – Grant Stirton

There is a timeless rhythm between the sands of the Sahara and depths of the Red Sea. Above the ground, a popular revolution drags on. The ancient city of Thebes at Luxor must be tread carefully. Below the surface, life goes on, unaware of the turmoil above.

Continue reading →

The Place Where my Grandma Died – Michal Solarski

Ever since I visited my dying grandmother at the care home, I wanted to go back. She spent the last days of her life there after suffering a stroke. I remember feeling great sadness looking at her as she laid in a massive gloomy room among other patients. Continue reading →

Dying at Home by Rob Skeoch

Lou was first diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2013 and he started an aggressive cycle of chemotherapy before Christmas. No longer able to look after himself, he moved in with family and continued the chemo throughout the spring. But by the beginning of June, his health was deteriorating daily.  Continue reading →

Random Red Numbers by Neenad Arul

Mumbai, the city that never sleeps!

Pulsating. Alive. On the Move. Vibrant. Fun. This is Mumbai or, as it is still frequently referred to, Bombay. The most modern city in India, it captures the spirit of the changing pace set by liberalization and modernization. With a population of 13 million, Mumbai is India’s largest city and its most diverse, cosmopolitan and westernized. Continue reading →

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