NPAC celebrates and champions quality and ethical photography in journalism. Through a variety of efforts, the association challenges its members to better themselves and to continually raise the bar of industry standards.

In 2007, the 26-year-old Western Canadian News Photographers Association joined forces with the Eastern Canadian News Photographers Association, whose roots go back to 1975, to form the News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC). This national organization includes over 250 professional press photographers, freelancers, photo editors and photojournalism students from across Canada.

From workshops and monthly clip contests, to discussion forums and portfolio critiques, the non-profit and volunteer-run association strives to provide support for its members, both the experienced professional and the student who will become tomorrow’s professional.

NPAC hosts an annual conference that brings together photographers, photo editors, photo teachers and photojournalism students. At these educational conventions, participants can discuss and explore important issues in photojournalism and strengthen or plan their career-development. The conference hosts influential seminar leaders, recognized workshop instructors and industry-important speakers.

NPAC also manages the annual National Pictures of the Year awards (NPOY) each spring. This event is the largest annual photo contest in Canada and it showcases the best work of its members. It also recognizes the Photojournalist of the Year, Photograph of the Year and Student Photographer of the Year. This competition also serves to provide members with important peer review of their work as well as helping them to stay current with trends and techniques in photojournalism. This has become the country’s largest photojournalism competition for both still photography and multimedia.