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NPOY 2015 PORTRAIT / PERSONALITY, Second Place – Is this the end of religion in Quebec? Priest Patrick Gnivo, from the Congo, will celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation in a church that will be almost empty, in Saint- Anne-des -Monts, Gaspé, Quebec, March 25, 2015. The number of Catholics continue to decline. Quebec priests are scarce. (Martin Tremblay / La Presse)
Est-ce la fin de la religion au Québec ? Le nombre de pratiquants ne cesse de décliner. Les prêtres québécois sont rares. Les diocèses doivent demander l’aide d’étrangers à la rescousse. Venu du Congo, le prêtre Patrick Gnivo s’apprête à célébrer le jour de l’Annonciation dans l’église, presque vide ce jour-là, de Saint-Anne-des-Monts en Gaspésie. (Martin Tremblay / La Presse)


It was not planned. I was on assignment in Gaspésie, a remote region of Quebec to document the migration of the population to urban centres.

The village priest invited me to attend mass at the church chapel. The trip was long and I didn’t really intend to attend the ceremony. But every opportunity is good, one never knows. Arriving in the church and seeing this magnificent light, I knew the scene was superb.


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