Day to Day Life in Bountiful British Columbia – Jackie Dives

Over two visits in 2016, I took a look into the day-to-day lives of a group of women living in Bountiful, British Columbia, a Mormon polygamous community whose treatment of women has, in the past, been compared to the Taliban.

These women, however, are pushing into leadership positions in the community’s school and land trust, working in offices and hospitals in nearby towns, and unafraid to down a glass of wine or five, wearing skinny jeans and oversized sweaters. They were outspoken and educated, and claimed to be bolstering education opportunities and preaching democratic principles within the deeply religious compound.


Jackie Dives is a documentary and portrait photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia. For four years, she photographed women giving birth and sharing these photos to bring attention to this misunderstood topic.

Her photos have been featured by the CBC, the Tyee, Huffington Post, VICE, Daily Mai, and Disney, among others. Working in digital and film, her current series include a look into the life of indoor sex workers in Vancouver and a decade-long project which aims to share a story of living with depression.


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