2015 General Meeting

The 2015 Annual General Meeting was held on May 9, 2015, at the Segal Building, SFU Campus in Vancouver.

(Links to previous AGMs can be found at the end of this page.)

Call To Order

• As quorum was achieved, President John Lehmann called the annual general meeting to order.


Adoption of Agenda

• John Lehmann motioned to accept the agenda and was seconded by Graeme Roy. Motion passed.


Adoption of Minutes

• John Lehmann motioned to accept the adoption of the previous minutes from May 24, 2014. Seconded by Gio Ciampini. Motion passed.


Financial Reports

• Financial reports were delivered by John Lehmann. The financials were accepted and adopted by Jimmy Jeong and seconded by Graeme Roy. Financials to be posted online on the NPAC web site (see below).


Business Arising from Previous Minutes

• No business arising from the minutes.


New Business

• Jimmy Jeong advised that the organization is making every attempt for freelancers to have more opportunities for work as it is recognized that newspapers and wire services are offering fewer staffing positions. Jimmy encouraged the membership to ensure that their information is up to date for future contact. Further updates will be provided when available.

• Ali Ledgerwood advised that she is contacting different companies to arrange partnership deals for discounts for NPAC members. Ali advised that a partnership had already been established with Vistek for a 10% rental discount. Details will be made available at the earliest possible convenience, and updates will be provided when available.



• The Presidency position was being vacated during John Lehmann as he had completed his two-year term and has chosen to step down. Elections were being held for all positions. As per the electoral process, the new executive consists of:

• Amber Bracken, President
• Ben Nelms, Vice-President
• Gio Ciampini, Secretary
• Jason Payne, Treasurer
• Ali Ledgerwood, Executive Director


Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

• The next meeting date and location is to be determined and adjournment was motioned and passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned.


Signed: John Lehmann, President

Dated: May 16, 2015.
Financial report (PDF 94KB) for the year ending January 31, 2015.


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