2014 General Meeting

The 2014 Annual General Meeting was held on May 24, 2014, at UBC Robson Square in Vancouver.

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Call To Order

• The meeting was called to order by President John Lehmann.


Adoption of Agenda

• Jack Simpson motioned to accept the agenda. It was seconded by Mark Cohene.


Adoption of Minutes

• Joe Bryksa motioned to accept the adoption of the previous minutes from April 27, 2013. Seconded by Jenna Hauck.


Financial Reports

• Lily Liu, our representative from Acro Accounting, went through the financial reports in greater detail to the membership at hand. The financials were accepted and adopted by Ric Ernst and seconded by Jenna Hauck. A copy of the financials to be posted online on the NPAC website (see below).


Business Arising from Previous Minutes

• No business arising from the minutes.


New Business

• Jimmy Jeong raised the question that as more and more photographers are now freelancing, what type of support is being provided by our organization to help with the transition.

John Lehmann advised that we have recently connected with the Canadian Media Guild who is actively involved with working with freelancers and offer considerable support options.

Jimmy suggested that a list of freelance supports and potential work could be listed on the NPAC website that members can access to gain more resources and potential jobs.

ACTION: It was determined that Jimmy, John Lehmann and Darryl Dyck will look into resources and will create a new tab for the NPAC website for supports for freelancers.
• John Lehmann advised that we may now be able to look into advancing photojournalism projects and that we should look into potential partnership and sponsorship opportunities to offset costs associated.

ACTION: Ali Ledgerwood and John Lehmann to discuss what this would look like for future sponsorship opportunities and John Lehmann to work with members interested in participating to create more projects.
• John Lehmann advised that, as part of the NPAC mandate for greater transparency in the organization, we decided to live-stream the judging for the NPOY this year. The Executive was very happy to report that at one point there were 150 viewers watching the judging live. It was determined that next year we will have the discussion about the NPOY finalists available on the NPAC site after the awards ceremony. There were some fascinating discussions this year and it could be a great benefit as a learning tool for those submitting entries to the NPOY.
• John Lehmann wrapped up the discussion by thanking everyone who was involved with the NPOY and conference planning. John acknowledged that without the volunteers, there would be no organization, let alone a conference, and we couldn’t do it with these volunteers.



• As it was determined at the previous AGM of April 27, 2013, the Executive had agreed to have a two-year stint to ensure continuity.

Thereby the Executive consists of:

• John Lehmann, President
• Ben Nelms, Vice-President and Secretary
• Jason Payne, Treasurer
• Ali Ledgerwood, Executive Director (by proxy)


Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

• The next meeting is scheduled for May 29, 2015, and adjournment was motioned by Jack Simpson and seconded by Graeme Roy.


Signed: John Lehmann, President

Dated: June 8, 2014.


Financial report (0.5MB PDF) for the year ending January 31, 2014.


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