2013 General Meeting

The 2013 Annual General Meeting was held on Saturday, April 27th, 2013, at the Delta Bow Valley Hotel in Calgary, Alberta.


Call To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Rod Frketich.


Adoption of Agenda

Jenna Hauck motioned to accept the agenda and it was seconded by Graeme Roy.


Adoption of Minutes

Adam Gagnon motioned to accept the adoption of the previous minutes from April 28th, 2012. Seconded by Cole Burston.


Financial Reports

Financial reports accepted and adopted by Jenna Hauck and seconded by Phill Snel. Financials to be posted online on the NPAC website.


Business Arising from Previous Minutes

Rod Frketich noted that the Government has updated the Not-for-Profit Bylaws which need to be adopted by NPAC and filed by October, otherwise the organization would be dissolved. It was noted that the new Bylaws will be uploaded to the NPAC website for the membership to review at their convenience. Rod asked for the motion to be accepted to adopt the new Bylaws. Motioned by Jenna Hauck and seconded by Graeme Roy.


New Business

• The membership agreed that the Mentorship Program be resurrected as it was determined to be very successful and really appreciated. New batch of people to be matched up and will be organized to develop a relationship for new members.

• Rod Frketich advised that the partnership between NPAC and Loyalist College is going very well. NPAC membership was incorporated as part of the school curriculum and we receive a cheque for student membership fees around October. We had approximately 70 new student members in 2012 as a result. This will hopefully continue and increase over the years.

• Phill Snel raised a concern regarding members dropping from the community as there seems to be some disconnect. Phill suggested that we need to put together some sort of communiqué and update regularly on the website to ensure engagement within the membership community. Rod identified that there are certainly areas that require some attention and that the Executive are certainly open to suggestions to move forward and gain momentum within the organization. Volunteers and suggestions are welcome.


Election of Executive

• Rod Frketich identified that both Dave Lucas and Jonathan Hayward have decided to step down from the Executive and, as a result, there are two vacancies. As there was quorum, Rod asked for nominations to be elected on site.

• Ric Ernst nominated John Lehmann for President and John accepted the nomination. Voting by a show of hands was completed on location. John Lehmann led by a total of seven votes and thereby was elected President.

• John Lehmann then nominated Ben Nelms for Vice President and Ben accepted the nomination. Melissa Tait was also nominated for Vice President. By a show of hands, Ben Nelms was elected Vice President.

• Jason Payne was nominated for Treasurer and was seconded by John Lehmann. There were no other nominations for Treasurer so by a show of hands, Jason Payne was elected Treasurer.

• Jenna Hauck nominated Jill Kitchener to stay on the Executive and Gino Ciampini seconded the motion. It was determined by a show of hands to elect Jill Kitchener to continue on the Executive. But note that after the election, Jill decided to step down as Secretary.

• The Executive consists of:

John Lehmann, President

Ben Nelms, Vice President & Secretary

Jason Payne, Treasurer

Ali Ledgerwood, Executive Director (by proxy)


Next Meeting Date and Adjournment

The next meeting is scheduled for April 26, 2014 and adjournment was motioned by Gio Ciampini and seconded by Cole Burston.


– John Lehmann, President

May 27, 2013


Financial report (5.5MB pdf) for the year ending January 31, 2013.


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