2011 General Meeting

2011 Annual General Meeting Minutes


Meeting chaired by David Chidley, NPAC Secretary / Treasurer.

Minutes recorded by member Kittie Wong.

Location: The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at 4:30 on Saturday May 28th during our annual convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in the Radisson Hotel Downtown.


• Meeting began promptly at 4:30 P.M. and was called to order

– 1st nominated by Jenna Hauck.
– Seconded by Phill Snel.
– Motion carried.

• Welcoming remarks and thanks presented by Ali Ledgerwood. Special mention made of the sponsors of the annual convention allowing us to make the gathering a reality.

• Opening remarks and format explained by David Chidley.

• Apologies: A President’s report/letter from Andy Clark read by David Chidley.

• Additional Agenda items, (required to be presented to Secretary/Treasurer minimum of 48 hours prior to the meeting): No additional agenda items.

• Adoption of Accounts / Financials. Presented by Ali Ledgerwood.

• Appointment of Auditors / Independent Examiner

• Details given on the financials of the organization

– Presently, approximately $36,000 in our account.
– On budget for a annual shortfall of $2.000 which is our desired year-end position with our new not-for-profit status.
– Some explanation given on the non-profit organization including the annual auditing of our financial books.
– Status and plans for the future briefly outlined.

• Accounts / Financials report acceptance

– 1st nominated by John Lehman.
– Seconded by Chris Bolin.
– Motion carried.

• Introduction of Candidates for Board of Directors by Nomination Committee

– Past-President Phill Snel, member of the Nomination Committee, introduced the four candidates who have come forward to have their names stand for election to The Board of Directors. The four individuals recommended by the committee are:

– Rod Frketich
– Jonathan Hayward
– Jill Kitchener
– David Lucas

• David Chidley explained the nomination process and opened the floor to see if any members wanted to add their names to stand for election to the Board of Directors. No new nominees stepped forward thus negating the requirement for an Election.

• Call for acceptance of the four mentioned candidates to be acclaimed to the Board of Director positions

– 1st nomination by Todd Korol.
– seconded by Graeme Roy.
– Motion carried.

• Adoption of NPAC By-laws

– The newly-written By-laws were briefly discussed and copies presented to the members.

• Call for adoption of the By-laws

– 1st nomination by John Lehman.
– Seconded by Adam Gagnon.
– Motion carried.

• Discussion on the matter of conference refunds. Picture of Year entries also discussed, including online entries and fees. Matter not on agenda and it was decided to discuss the matters at the Board level in the future.

• Call for members to sit on committees

– David Chidley makes a presentation listing the numerous committees and volunteer positions in need of members. Asks for interested parties to sign lists being circulated.

• Closing Remarks

– David Chidley summarizes the state of the organization, emphasizing the financial and general good shape we are presently experiencing.

• Call made to close the meeting

– 1st nomination Jenna Hauck.
– Seconded Peter Jones.
– Carried.

• Meeting closed approximately 4:55 P.M.


–Dave Chidley