2008 Photojournalist of the Year & Photo of the Year awards

News Photographers Association of Canada (NPAC) award recipient, Canadian photojournalist Louie Palu received the highest honour, fittingly atop the highest building in the country, during NPAC’s 2008 National Pictures of the Year awards ceremony. Palu was named Photographer of the Year for his work in Afghanistan and Cuba for Zuma Press.

Runners-up for Photographer of the Year included Darren Calabrese (Ottawa Sun / freelance), Sami Siva (freelance) and Jason Franson (Edmonton Sun).

In the Photo of the Year category, Darren Calabrese won first place with a freelance piece shot in Tanzania. Louie Palu (Zuma Press) had an honourable mention for his work produced in Guantanamo Bay.

Student Photographer of the Year was awarded to John Hanley from Loyalist College.

Winning pictures can be seen here.


The full list of winners by category are:


Spot News:

1st – Benoit Gariépy / Le Media Matin Quebec
2nd – Fred Lum / The Globe and Mail
3rd – Dan Janisse / Windsor Star
Honourable Mention – Louie Palu / Zuma Press for the Toronto Star


General News:

1st – March Blinch / Reuters
2nd – Sean Kilpatrick / The Globe and Mail
3rd – Rafal Gerszak / Aurora Photos
Honourable Mention – Simon Hayter / freelance



1st – Andy Clark / Reuters
2nd – Tim Smith / Brandon Sun
3rd – Darryl Dyck / The Canadian Press
Honourable Mention – Bernard Brault / La Presse
Honourable Mention – Mathieu Belanger / Reuters


Social Issues:

1st – Darren Calabrese / freelance
2nd – Yvonne Berg / The Globe and Mail
3rd – Fernando Morales / The Globe and Mail
Honourable Mention – Richard Lam / The Globe and Mail
Honourable Mention – Ryan Carter / The National


Portrait / Personality:

1st – Jennifer Roberts / The Globe and Mail
2nd – Rafal Gerszak / Aurora Photos
3rd – Bernard Weil / Toronto Star
Honourable Mention – Brett Beadle / freelance
Honourable Mention – Ryan Carter / The National



1st – Mathieu Belanger / Reuters
2nd – Ivanoh Demers / La Presse
3rd – Aaron Lynett / Toronto Star
Honourable Mention – Wendell Phillips / freelance


Sports Action:

1st – Shaun Best / Reuters
2nd – Mark Blinch / Reuters
3rd – Patrick Price / Cochrane Eagle
Honourable Mention – Jean Levac / Ottawa Citizen


Sports Feature:

1st – Jason Franson / The Edmonton Sun
2nd – Christinne Muschi / Reuters
3rd – Olivier Asselin / freelance
Honourable Mention – Frank Gunn / The Canadian Press


Picture Story:

1st – Rafal Gerszak / Aurora Photos – “Afghanistan”
2nd – Louie Palu / Zuma Press for the Atlantic & Walrus Magazine – “Guantanamo Bay Prison”
3rd – Fernando Morales / The Globe and Mail – “Sub-prime Crisis”
Honourable Mention – Louie Palu / Zuma Press – “Garmsir District Soldiers
Honourable Mention – Aaron Vincent Elkaim / freelance – “Sanctuary: The Story of Lawrence King”


Single Multimedia:

1st – Bernard Weil / Toronto Star – “Taking Back The Streets”
2nd – John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail – “The Man Behind The Log”
3rd – Brent Foster / Los Angeles Times – “Till Death Do Us Part”
Honourable Mention – Peter Power / The Globe and Mail – “Lightningʼs Last Dance”
Honourable Mention – John Lehmann / The Globe and Mail – “Dewey By Day, Derby By Nite”
Honourable Mention – Ryan Jackson / Edmonton Journal – “Sitting Paraplegic Volleyball”


Team Multimedia:

1st – Toronto Star – “The Refugees of Dadaab” – Lucas Oleniuk, photography; Michelle Shepard, writing; Randy Risling, editing.

2nd – Toronto Star – “Airsick” – Lucas Oleniuk, concept and photography; Randy Risling, music; Scott Simmie, editing; Bernard Weil, graphics and production.

3rd – freelance – “The Reverend Aitor & the Unflattering Portrait” – Aaron Vincent Elkaim, video and photography; Jason Quinton, video; Becky Johnson, additional pictures.

Honourable Mention – Toronto Star – “The Trip Home” – Lucas Oleniuk, Tara Walton, Aaron Harris, Andrew Wallace, Rick Madonik, Dave Cooper, Pawel Dwulit (photography); Randy Risling, Chris So (video); Randy Risling, Scott Simmie (editing).



The News Photographers Association of Canada holds an annual Picture of the Year competition for itʼs members. The 2008 competition drew over 2,000 entries from 125 photographers.



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