The Job of News Photographer

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a daily newspaper photographer back in the good old days, watch this 1983 video showing the (almost) true life adventures of Toronto Sun photographers:


Katrin Koenning – Indefinitely

The middle of nowhere is at the centre of everything. – Rebecca Solnit

Indefinitely is about love and a seemingly infinite space that is, in fact, filled to the rim with all kinds of things. Continue reading →

A Tale of Two Egypt’s – Grant Stirton

There is a timeless rhythm between the sands of the Sahara and depths of the Red Sea. Above the ground, a popular revolution drags on. The ancient city of Thebes at Luxor must be tread carefully. Below the surface, life goes on, unaware of the turmoil above.

Continue reading →

The Place Where my Grandma Died – Michal Solarski

Ever since I visited my dying grandmother at the care home, I wanted to go back. She spent the last days of her life there after suffering a stroke. I remember feeling great sadness looking at her as she laid in a massive gloomy room among other patients. Continue reading →

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