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Photojournalism Exhibitions in Toronto

Two photojournalism exhibits currently in Toronto:


Dispatch: War photographs in print, 1854 – 2008, at the Ryerson Image Centre, examines the production of war photographs, the role of photojournalists, and their collaboration with picture editors in the press. September 17 to December 7, 2014.

This exhibition will feature a talk with photographer Louie Palu on October 1, 2014, 6:30pm.


World Press Photo, at Allen Lambert Galleria, presents the World Press Photo winners for 2014. September 30 to October 21, 2014



Eyjar by Kristin Wright

In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, along the southwest coast of the small island nation of Iceland, the rocky cliffs of the Westman Islands, or Vestmannaeyjar, pierce the otherwise pristine horizon. Of the many islands that make up the craggy archipelago, only one is inhabited – Heimaey, or home island. Most Icelanders simply refer to this place as Eyjar, the island. Continue reading »

Built On Their Backs by Andre Malerba

In the Hlawga township of Yangon, Myanmar, hundreds of workers toil to make bricks from the very ground on which they live. Backhoes and men dig up clay that is fashioned into sun-dried bricks, which are then stacked into 20-foot high kilns and baked for several days. The entire process takes two or three weeks. Most of the workers are migrants, either having been kicked off their land in Myanmar by the government or are the victims of disappearing, traditional ways of life. Continue reading »

Mekong – The Mother of Rivers

The Mekong River, flowing through China, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, is home to the world’s largest inland fishery and hosts a treasure trove of biodiversity. In Laos, the river, also known as the Mother of Rivers, is the country’s economic and spiritual lifeline. Along its riverbanks, riparian villagers farm on its fertile soil, fish from its waters, and mine for gold hidden in its belly.  Continue reading »

John Lehmann – Beachcombers

Erik Hammond, a third-generation beachcomber, could very well be among the last. With the high costs of equipment and gas and the dwindling return on logs, beachcombing is now a sunset industry.
Continue reading »


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