Vigil for France

Cities across Canada pay tribute to those lost and injured in the November 13 terror attacks on Paris.
Toronto images (top slideshow) by Stacey Newman.
Vancouver images by Laura May.


The Job of News Photographer

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a daily newspaper photographer back in the good old days, watch this 1983 video showing the (almost) true life adventures of Toronto Sun photographers:


Katrin Koenning – Indefinitely

The middle of nowhere is at the centre of everything. – Rebecca Solnit

Indefinitely is about love and a seemingly infinite space that is, in fact, filled to the rim with all kinds of things. Continue reading →

A Tale of Two Egypt’s – Grant Stirton

There is a timeless rhythm between the sands of the Sahara and depths of the Red Sea. Above the ground, a popular revolution drags on. The ancient city of Thebes at Luxor must be tread carefully. Below the surface, life goes on, unaware of the turmoil above.

Continue reading →

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